Monday 30 July 2007

A letter recieved at Court and its receptition

Firstly may I express my apologies for the localised disorder and pillaging by my hussars - I fear they know no other ways of conduct!Recompense will be paid to the local community in Banat coin.Secondly the Voivde has asked how we might bring this state of enmity ,between our great countries ,to an end without resorting to the field of Mars. I enclose the documentation which relates to the Voivde's claim to the Ducal Throne. It merely states he is the current Duke's brother and therefore should be made his heir in light of what happened to poor Georg. I fear all has got out of hand. I have sent a copy of this letter to the Tradgardian Court also . I must close as I fear my hussars are up to no good once more

yours fraternally

Von Trenck"

Duchess Liv finishes reading this letter to her almost incandesant husband the Duke. She calms him and suggests that in order that peace and concord may prevail he should consider the request of Max. She tells Karl Frederick that this is not as bad as it may seem and that she has some news for him which may change everything.................

Sunday 29 July 2007

High Sommer - a Reverie

It is the season of Sommer in Tradgardland. In the cottage gardens and allotments around the towns and cities the sight of people carrying willow can be observed.The answer lies with the Borlotti bean plants , a favourite of the Duchy. As the plants rise ever Heavenwards upon their willow structures, growing towards the Sommer sun, the structures need extending. Soon with additional willow woven in , they reach eight to ten feet in height. They look like a forest, as the children run between the raised borders drinking in the sun.

Saturday 28 July 2007

Today in Tradgardland

In spite of the War Clouds overhanging the Duchy ,Karl Frederick was entranced ( along with the Ducal court) by two enthusiastic bowman (pictured right) from the Royal Company of Archers. The two young men,residents of Smegby and exiled from Edinburgh due to their political sympathies, thrilled the onlookers with a display of both accuracy and speed. A trial of target shooting , in competition against some Ducal soldiers, left a few embarrassed Tradgardian faces.
The Duke was presented with a number of longbows and arrows, as well as offers of support from the archers themselves.A number of army officers pressed the aforementioned archers to join them for dinner and further discussions.

Friday 27 July 2007

Books -what we are reading in Europa

The publishers to the Duchy - Oldenberg,Oldenberg and Browne (established 1592) have noted the following trend in book buying this week. They have compiled a list of the top five books purchased this week in the Duchy as follows-
5. "Travels across Europa by sedan chair " by V.R Slow esq
4. " One hundred ways with salted herring" by the royal Kitchen Staff
3. " New method of Fencing " by Sir William Hope
2. " Expert sword-man's companion" by Donald McBane
1. " Heinrich Dabble and the deathly hellos" by J K Herring
As you can see the eagerly awaited Gothic novel is in at Number 1. with self defence ( in this time of Ducal crisis) at Numbers 2 and 3.
Readers and publishers across Europa are requested to send in their top five books to the publishers for the edification and entertainment of all.

Thursday 26 July 2007

The Duchy Regiments...

At last here are the uniforms of the Duchy of Tradgardland. Some units have been painted others are awaiting work. Enjoy!

Wednesday 25 July 2007

A bleeding wound...( a page from a Tradgardland broadsheet)

In small numbers and under the cover of darkness groups of men have been leaving the Duchy. They are answering the call of the Voivde to help the Banat in her hour of need. As a result the Borders of the Duchy are closed to all goings in and out. The Tradgardland Army is mobilised and waiting. So far only a few lower ranking officers have deserted along with ruffians and vagabonds.

Sources close to the Ducal Palace say the Duke and Duchess are distraught but ready to play their part in whatever the days ahead will bring. Duchess Liv likens it to a bleeding wound , draining away the very life-force of her beloved Duchy. She is resolved if necessary to lead her own beloved Marine Regiment to War if required. She says as one accomplished in the Arts she will embrace the Art of War now too!

Tuesday 24 July 2007

Street life..........

On the streets of the Capital tempers are fraying over the looming crisis. Arguements are raging over where one's loyalty should lie-either with neighbour's Hesse -Engelberg or with the Banat. The Duke's heralds have appealed for calm...........

Letters of an inflamatory nature have mysteriously appeared nailed to walls around the City. They refer to a situation developing betwixt the Banat and Hesse -Engelberg. No doubt they will indeed fuel the situation!

The Tradgardian Heavy Cavalry

After the busy events of last night the Tradgardian Heavy Cavalry return to lesser duties. Half the regiment will return to their homes and everday pusuits while the others remain for much needed training and sword drill.

The T.H.C has a long a proud history within the Duchy tracing their lineage back to the Medieval Duke Otto and his retainers. Duke Otto ,a loyal and trusted friend of Charles the Bold, died upon the battlefield of Nancy in the 15th century , at the side of Charles. Two of this band of retainers made it back to Tradgardland through terrible weather and hardships. From them the T.H.C can follow a direct link through such testing times for the Duchy- for example the ravages of the Thirty Years War and beyond to the present.

The riding master is currently looking for current thinking and methodology to use in his instructions to the troopers. All offers of advice ,reading material and examples will be most humbly received.

Monday 23 July 2007

On Alert.............

In light of the current turmoil sweeping across Europa the Duchy has taken the chance to rehearse for an invasion. The Beacon system proved successful and the infantry were able to muster when and where expected.The Duchy cavalry took to horse and only a few new conscripts were unable to control their mounts.
Duke Karl Frederick addressed the assembled Duchy forces and congratulated them on their endeavours which replaced those due to take place at Midsommer.
"Let he that has betrayed me come with his Eastern forces,we are ready!" ended the speech of Karl Frederick. His words met with resounding cheers prior to his departure for the Palace by Coach.

Sunday 22 July 2007

A Glittering Night..........

After the day spent upon the heath engaged in golf and intrigue , Karl Frederick and his court spend the evening at a Grand Gala Occasion.
The guest of honour is Cardinal Henry, Brother of Charles Edward Stuart, true King of Britannia! He mixes easily with the Herrengard,officers ,guild representatives and invited guests.This is a chance to promote the Stuart cause and cement relationships between the Court in Exile and the Duchy.
As the evening draws to a close,Karl Frederick, pledges his support and offers aid in event of another invasion of Britannia. The Scots community remains at the heart of Tradgarian society loyal to the Duke and the Exiled Stuart.
Tomorrow prior to his departure Cardinal Henry will celebrate Mass in the Cathedral along with the Prince bishop of Roskilde who will preach the Homily. The Mass will see the unveiling of a new Mass written by Duchy composer Johann Kogestadt, with the solo sung by a celebrated Italian castrato who will take up his position here in the capital as Court Musician.

A demonstration..........

Today ,after High Mass for St Albrecht the Herringmaster's Day , the Ducal Court will see a demonstration of the Scottish art of Golf. This will be undertaken upon the heath by Representatives of the village of Smegby-long known for its Scottish connections and Jacobite intrigues.
The Duke will be presented with an ornate club and asked to participate therein.
All are welcome to view this pageant of skill and force of arms but do so at there own risk. There will be time afterwards for discussion, demonstrations ,partaking of the water of life from the Smegby still and general plotting/intrigue!

Saturday 21 July 2007

A most private and important letter............

My Dear Herzog Ignaz
Greetings from Karl Frederick!
I am concerned regarding information conveyed to me from my agents abroad in Europa. They tell of my estranged brother Max makes false claims regarding Tradgardland. I would be eternally obliged if he were to pollute your land by his presence would you place him in the lowest and darkest dungeon at your disposal and send word to me.
yours fraternally
Karl Frederick

Friday 20 July 2007

Organisation Part 2 - The Infantry

Regiment Manor for recruitment Commanded by Guild for regt upkeep

1 Trotsa Werner von Hertzog Watchmen

2 Flatta Joseph Lindt Fishermen

3 Drottigen Jorge Genson Metal Workers

4 Smaaland Barn D'Orval Brewers

5 Konigs Aenas Salix Land Workers.

Marine Vaster Phillipe Greeneaway Fishermen

This chart tells what area of Tradgardland the regiments are connected with,their commanders and what Guilds are expected to contribute from their Guild coffers to the regimental upkeep.
Each soldier is responsible for keeping his own equipment,maintaining it at home and bringing it at change - over time.

Wednesday 18 July 2007

Duchy Army Organisation- Part One.

The infantry come from from each of the six Herrengard or Manors which make up the Duchy. A number of farms or craft /trade businesses,depending upon which Herrengard they are in , are grouped together to form a Grupp. Each Grupp must supply a soldier-maintaining him in peacetime and replacing him if he deserts,dies or is wounded.
Each regiment comes from a separate Herrengard. Half of the regiment trains at a time whilst the other half works at their own personal trades. The cycle for rotation is one Lunar month, after which they change over. When the Duchy is on a war footing or during manoeuvres ( for example the twice yearly Wappenschafts ) the whole regiment is called up.
The Herrengard "Lord of the Manor" retainers and wealthier Townsfolk provide the Cavalry.The Artillery are provided from the Firework/Gunpowder Communities.

Tuesday 17 July 2007

Appendix to article in Nova Acta Eruditorum.........

Offical Acadamy Artist has made this drawing of the vessel undergoing trials off the coast of Tradgardland.

An excerpt from the journal - Nova Acta Eruditorum- July 1757

Following the success of his friend and colleague Denis Papin ( who tragically died a pauper in 1712 un recognised and unmourned) in the field of steam generation and employment thereof, Herr doktor Kunzelsau ( director of the Tradgardian academy of natural sciences) has related to us his own furthering the aforementioned work.
Papin experimented with a steam -powered paddle boat in Germania in 1704.Alas his work came to nothing but plans pertaining to this have fallen into the hands of Kunzelsau. Herr Doktor has confidently told Nova Acta Eruditorum that he predicts the current material trials off the coast of Tradgardland will be successful. He assures us that the steam powered paddle steamer fleet is but a hairsbreadth away. We await developments with interest...................

Monday 16 July 2007

A waiting game...............

The Duke sits at his telescope in highest tower of the Palace. He recalls the past and looks to the future. Will the waiting for Max never cease?

An Announcement....

The medieval clock has just struck Midday, the crowd is gathered and the Heralds open the tower door and gingerly climb the external staircase to the top.After a florid fanfare the assembled people hear the Herald as follows-" Good people of Tradgardland Duke Karl greets you one and all. He is ever aware of your loyalty at times such as these.Following the tragic demise of his son Georg the Duke has cogitated upon the future of the Duchy. He has made contact,after many silent sorrowful years, with Max Voivde of the Banat. As we are gathered the Voivde is on his stately way across Europa to meet with the Duke in conference. Await further announcements upon the morrow. This message is being repeated across the Land.God save the Duke!"The Heralds carefully retrace their steps and go to the vespers of herring and ale which await them.The crowd remain locked in discussions pertaining to the future of their beloved Duchy.

Sunday 15 July 2007

A map - A beginning!

I have been scribbling away for weeks combining ideas with mapping. This is the first coming together of the map for Tradgardland. North is to the right and the European mainland is on the left.
I am looking for a way to convert this to graphics on the computer, to take my scribbling and transfer to a better format.
The most important part however is to get my thoughts together and to get a greater sense of geography in the country. This I feel I have begun to do.

Saturday 14 July 2007

Out of character.............

I am just back from my hols in a cottage in Yorkshire with the family. I have had goodish weather and seen some very interesting places. I hope to use some of them as inspiration for Tradgardland. My desire is to map the country and I would be grateful if my fellow bloggers could suggest ideas to aid the process.
I intend to also post uniform and background to the tradgardian forces soon. It is good to be back in the 18th century!

A proclamation to be read across the Duchy...

A proclamation from his regalness Duke Karl Frederick to the Duchy and beyond. Let it be known that the period of mourning for Georg has ceased. The Duke extends his greatful thanks to all fellow rulers who have supported the duchy in this terrible week horribalis.The Duke extends a welcome to all who wish to recommence trade and negotiations or offer their allegiance to him.The occasion is also hereby taken to reveal the official uniform and hair ornamentation of the Duchy's official messengers.All other messengers not so attired are impostors and loyal subjects are encouraged to report them to the authorities. Failure to do so will end in breaking upon the wheel.Long live the Duke!

Thursday 5 July 2007

A Ducal proclamation..................

Loyal subjects of the DukeI am afforded permission by his grace Karl Frederick to tell of the tradegdy that has befallen his majesty and the whole land of Tradgardland. The heir to the throne Georg is dead. He met his death heroically whilst hunting the wild Tradgardlandian boar. He met his end bravely and remained loyal to his honour.The Duke's Son , the Cardinal will celebrate a state requimn for Georg two days hence, after which ,a period of a Week's mouring will ensue across the land so that all Tragardlanders may remember and mourn.

Monday 2 July 2007

Midsommer Murders.......................

Georg and friends have taken time away from the dreary task of commanding the Midsommer regiment. Armed with only Karlberg Ale, recklessness and a mixture of flintlock and air
rifled pieces they head for the Heath.
Hours into the day, when the sun is at its zenith and fortified with a good lunch they enter an area of stunted oaks and bushes.
A sound is heard, a tusked shape hurtles from the undergrowth. "Mine!" cries Georg as he attempts to fire.A misfire occurs and the beast is upon him.His brother officers flee the scene in terror.....................

18th Century Films

A combination of holiday and sore foot has seen me watching "Last of the Mohicans" and Barry Lyndon" - two excellent films as I am sure you are all aware. It has got me thinking as to what other superb 18th century films are out there. I would be delighted to hear from fellow bloggers with regard to this matter.Many thanks!