Thursday 5 July 2007

A Ducal proclamation..................

Loyal subjects of the DukeI am afforded permission by his grace Karl Frederick to tell of the tradegdy that has befallen his majesty and the whole land of Tradgardland. The heir to the throne Georg is dead. He met his death heroically whilst hunting the wild Tradgardlandian boar. He met his end bravely and remained loyal to his honour.The Duke's Son , the Cardinal will celebrate a state requimn for Georg two days hence, after which ,a period of a Week's mouring will ensue across the land so that all Tragardlanders may remember and mourn.

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  1. Furst Bruno von Ursa, Prince of Saxe-Bearstein sends his heartfelt condolences to all of Tradgardland . . . and expecially the ruling family in this time of great sorrow.

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein
    for the Furst