Tuesday 24 July 2007

Street life..........

On the streets of the Capital tempers are fraying over the looming crisis. Arguements are raging over where one's loyalty should lie-either with neighbour's Hesse -Engelberg or with the Banat. The Duke's heralds have appealed for calm...........

Letters of an inflamatory nature have mysteriously appeared nailed to walls around the City. They refer to a situation developing betwixt the Banat and Hesse -Engelberg. No doubt they will indeed fuel the situation!


  1. A Stagonian agent, traveling through Tradgardland on his way to . . . well, that's not important . . . saw numerous postings that seemed to be causing some civil unrest.

    His thoughts were that it was just the sort of work that Stagonian agents were famous for . . . but as far as he knew (and he should know) there were no Stagonian agents assigned to Tradgardland.

    He supposed it was possible that these were "home grown" . . . but that was an uncomfortable thought so he hurried on his way to . . . well that really doesn't matter, does it?

  2. We urge you not to believe the calumnies of certain sources. Stagonia has no agents in your country.