Tuesday 17 July 2007

Appendix to article in Nova Acta Eruditorum.........

Offical Acadamy Artist has made this drawing of the vessel undergoing trials off the coast of Tradgardland.


  1. The Presipapal Academy of Sciences of Monte-Cristo is currently working on a project using Denis Papin's discoveries to move a ground vehicle (code name: C's Fardier).
    Something like "Sadler's Flying Artillery" described later.
    Now, you replace the horses by steam power, the driver may sit far lower allowing a 360° arc of fire, you can replace the twin-linked swivels with a single mouth-loaded howitzer or breech-loaded gun...
    Once the prototype tested and validated, the design and patent are hopefully to be sold to the higher bidder - the Monte-Cristan conception of neutrality.
    in "Histoire Generale des Arm�es, Robert Laffont, 1966,
    vol. III p.84" is reproduced a coloured etching by Thomas Rowlandson depicting "Sadler's Flying Artillery in action". Ca. 1798 according to the uniforms. Despite all the references available as keywords, I googled in vain (I'm far from an expert at it!) so I'll have to try & describe it in by unsufficient english. Visualize a high-perched 2-axles coach, open-topped (as if convertible with collapsed/ put down roof/ top). On some kind of wide central pylon, a set of twin-linked swivel guns. The barrels are drastically shortened (so the guns look like micro-caronades), so when
    tiped up vertically they can easily be mouth-loaded just as a musket.
    Arc of fire ca. 300° [360° if you can manage with a headless driver].
    Described as "intended to cover th movements of cavalry": surely
    inefficient to support a charge, and actually depicted covering a
    retreat, the driver frantically whipping the team to keep abreast with the horsemen. (Somehow reminds me of Ambrose Bierce's definition of dragoons, in the line of: "Mounted infantry soldiers...attack on foot and fly on horseback"