Monday 30 July 2007

A letter recieved at Court and its receptition

Firstly may I express my apologies for the localised disorder and pillaging by my hussars - I fear they know no other ways of conduct!Recompense will be paid to the local community in Banat coin.Secondly the Voivde has asked how we might bring this state of enmity ,between our great countries ,to an end without resorting to the field of Mars. I enclose the documentation which relates to the Voivde's claim to the Ducal Throne. It merely states he is the current Duke's brother and therefore should be made his heir in light of what happened to poor Georg. I fear all has got out of hand. I have sent a copy of this letter to the Tradgardian Court also . I must close as I fear my hussars are up to no good once more

yours fraternally

Von Trenck"

Duchess Liv finishes reading this letter to her almost incandesant husband the Duke. She calms him and suggests that in order that peace and concord may prevail he should consider the request of Max. She tells Karl Frederick that this is not as bad as it may seem and that she has some news for him which may change everything.................