Tuesday 24 July 2007

The Tradgardian Heavy Cavalry

After the busy events of last night the Tradgardian Heavy Cavalry return to lesser duties. Half the regiment will return to their homes and everday pusuits while the others remain for much needed training and sword drill.

The T.H.C has a long a proud history within the Duchy tracing their lineage back to the Medieval Duke Otto and his retainers. Duke Otto ,a loyal and trusted friend of Charles the Bold, died upon the battlefield of Nancy in the 15th century , at the side of Charles. Two of this band of retainers made it back to Tradgardland through terrible weather and hardships. From them the T.H.C can follow a direct link through such testing times for the Duchy- for example the ravages of the Thirty Years War and beyond to the present.

The riding master is currently looking for current thinking and methodology to use in his instructions to the troopers. All offers of advice ,reading material and examples will be most humbly received.


  1. I was quite impressed when I "clicked" for the larger picture. It was HUGE and the amount of detail to be seen was quite impressive.

    Good work.

    -- Jeff