Tuesday 17 July 2007

An excerpt from the journal - Nova Acta Eruditorum- July 1757

Following the success of his friend and colleague Denis Papin ( who tragically died a pauper in 1712 un recognised and unmourned) in the field of steam generation and employment thereof, Herr doktor Kunzelsau ( director of the Tradgardian academy of natural sciences) has related to us his own furthering the aforementioned work.
Papin experimented with a steam -powered paddle boat in Germania in 1704.Alas his work came to nothing but plans pertaining to this have fallen into the hands of Kunzelsau. Herr Doktor has confidently told Nova Acta Eruditorum that he predicts the current material trials off the coast of Tradgardland will be successful. He assures us that the steam powered paddle steamer fleet is but a hairsbreadth away. We await developments with interest...................


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  2. Tutor and Confessor to the Ducal Household of Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn, Monsignor Baldesar Chiaroscuro sends dispatch by lettres-cachet to his grace the Duke of Tradgardland:

    In view of the threat this new technology would constitute to established naval powers, His Grace's government has authorised me to communicate to the government of Tradgardland certain intelligences gathered by our agents abroad of the disturbing coincidences between Herr Papin's mysterious death, the presentation of a remarkably similar design overseas, and the emergence of certain constellations of men of influence within those governments opposed to the emergence of a northern European naval power.

    Further details of these disquieting events may be obtained from the ducal archives and the privy files maintained at the Index Prohibitorum reserve of the library of the University of Achselhausen, to which documents suitably credentialed representatives of your government would be welcomed.

    Your humble servant,

    Msgr. Baldesar del Chiaroscuro, SJ

  3. Monsignor Baldesar Chiaroscuro
    I send fraternal greetings in the Faith. I am sending my son the Cardinal,Prince Bishop of Roskilde directly to examine the aforementioned Documents. he will be with you forthwith.
    Karl Frederick

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  5. There exist a number of individuals of certain established naval powers whose ongoing and organised interference into continental research into caloric technology is well established, and whose detention is ordered upon the authority of His Grace in the documents accompanying this dispatch for your review.