Monday, 16 July 2007

An Announcement....

The medieval clock has just struck Midday, the crowd is gathered and the Heralds open the tower door and gingerly climb the external staircase to the top.After a florid fanfare the assembled people hear the Herald as follows-" Good people of Tradgardland Duke Karl greets you one and all. He is ever aware of your loyalty at times such as these.Following the tragic demise of his son Georg the Duke has cogitated upon the future of the Duchy. He has made contact,after many silent sorrowful years, with Max Voivde of the Banat. As we are gathered the Voivde is on his stately way across Europa to meet with the Duke in conference. Await further announcements upon the morrow. This message is being repeated across the Land.God save the Duke!"The Heralds carefully retrace their steps and go to the vespers of herring and ale which await them.The crowd remain locked in discussions pertaining to the future of their beloved Duchy.

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