Friday 20 July 2007

Organisation Part 2 - The Infantry

Regiment Manor for recruitment Commanded by Guild for regt upkeep

1 Trotsa Werner von Hertzog Watchmen

2 Flatta Joseph Lindt Fishermen

3 Drottigen Jorge Genson Metal Workers

4 Smaaland Barn D'Orval Brewers

5 Konigs Aenas Salix Land Workers.

Marine Vaster Phillipe Greeneaway Fishermen

This chart tells what area of Tradgardland the regiments are connected with,their commanders and what Guilds are expected to contribute from their Guild coffers to the regimental upkeep.
Each soldier is responsible for keeping his own equipment,maintaining it at home and bringing it at change - over time.

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  1. How would you like to learn about their uniforms!
    SYW templates or tabulated description, it does not matter - what counts in information ("we want information... information... information... / I'm not number 666, I'm a free man!")