Wednesday 30 April 2008

Celebrations In the Duchy of Tradgardland

The crowds had gathered as the petition was handed in to the Ducal Palace . All had been peaceful and in order- yet the intensity of feeling could not be hidden. In essence the people had quietly , with respect and love for the Duke and his family, made their opposition plain. They just could not get their minds and hearts around the new military organisations and subsequent social change. So ,under the direction and leadership of the Duc de Padirac , the petition had been framed,written and signed by thousands. Then they waited for an answer....

They had to wait for only two days - a proclamation was read across the Duchy saying, that with due care and consideration, the Duke had returned to the status quo with regard to the army. Cheering had broken out which led to scenes of dancing and merriment. The Duchy ( and Duke let it be said ) were overjoyed.

Tomorrow was May Day and Ascension Day too. Mass would be offered for the Duchy as a whole and for the True King over the water in Scotland. Duchess Liv 's chaplain would offer Mass for Von Bergmann -who the whole Ducal family commended to God's safe keeping....

Monday 28 April 2008

A general

Pictured is Graf Ulrich von Valdskog. Primarily one devoted to the sport of hawking , in his leisure hours he is the commander in chief of the army of the Duchy of Skogsmork . A man to reckon with in any situation. His tactical style is built upon the foundation of extensive observations of his hawks ...

I really enjoyed making this figure to command the Duchy army. All I have to do is paint some troops for him to command!!!

Thursday 24 April 2008

At last..

I finally saved some energy after tea tonight to do some modelling /painting. I am working upon a command base . I really enjoyed the work and will finish it over the weekend I hope!

Wednesday 23 April 2008

A general

Pictured is Graf Ulrich von Valdskog. Primarily one devoted to the sport of hawking , in his leisure hours he is the commander in chief of the army of the Duchy of Skogsmork . A man to reckon with in any situation. His tactical style is built upon the foundation of extensive observations of his hawks ...

Tuesday 22 April 2008

An excerpt.....

From “The Grand Tour of Thomas Wentford Esq., conducted in the year of Our Lord 1751.”
Saturday 14th March: after a hearty breakfast of Herring and Rye Bread accompanied by some inferior ale we caught the mail coach for the Border of the Duchy of Skogsmork.. I noted with alarm that the forest grew wilder and denser. Elk were observed through the trees and I have scarcely seen finer beasts. Our coach driver took delight in pointing out some boar rutting amidst gnarled pines. On finally reaching the Duchy border we were stopped by ruffians who upon further inspection were members of the Duke’s army. Their manner was slovenly in the extreme and furthence of our journey was only accomplished with the help of a coin of small value. This appeared to be a fortune to them and turning around , out the coach window, I observed them fighting over the said coin in the mud.
The next few pages were ripped out and begins again thus;
“ scarcely have I spent a less agreeable night anywhere outside of gaol. The next morning saw us awaken to smells unimaginable and sights plunging the spirit towards the depths like a shot waterfowl ! The capital of the Duchy has little to recommend it although much may be purchased for little outlay….”

Monday 21 April 2008

A letter

A letter arrived at the Palace in the Duchy of Tradgardland. It bore a seal emblazoned with the the Arms of the Duchy of Skogsmork- an apple tree with 2 rotten apples and four red ones. Duke Karl Frederick took a long look at it prior to opening it - He read as Follows:
To Karl Frederick , Duke of Tradgardland ,Greetings from the Duchy of Skogsmork!
It is with greatest sorrow that I write to inform you of the passing of Duke Albrecht - seventeenth Duke of Skogsmork. His funeral took place last Wednesday and his remains are now interred in the family vault at Schloss Skogsmork. He is succeeded by his son Otto. Long live the Duke!
signed this day of April 1758
Stephen Poliakoph
Secretary to the Duke
The Duke passed the letter to the Duchess who read it with due care and said -
So Cousin Albrecht has died at last- it is years since we heard from him or his Duchy. The last time you saw him he took offence whilst out hunting.You must remember the fuss!
Yes dear, yet these years have been ones of peace- little or no communication betwixt our Duchies but no trouble either!
Young Otto has finally ascended to the title. A rather different man from his father , if the stories are to be believed.
We shall just have to wait and see my dear - time will tell......

Saturday 19 April 2008

Out of character 2

Gentlemen ,
many ,many thanks for your ideas- I value your contributions greatly. I have had much to ponder- including fascinating info ( new to me ) regarding the Austrians. My thoughts have developed thus, so far- I will keep my Austrians for strictly historical wargames against my regular opponent and his forthcoming Prussians. Secondly I will develop an imaginary opponent for the Tradgardlanders - for the sheer joy of creating another army, uniforms. ruling household etc etc and the pleasure it gives me. This will be used for mainly solo gaming using BAR and with not too many units upon the table.
With the "elastic " nature of time and space I can surely find room for some small state which borders with the Duchy to act as opposition to Karl Frederick and his army.
Again your thoughts would be appreciated on my ideas!
best wishes

Thursday 17 April 2008

out of character...

I am considering a new imagination - an opponent for the Duchy of Tradgardland. I am at the very earliest stage of ideas with regard to this. As the Europa map is very busy these days, I am at a loss to locations. Any ideas would really be helpful...
Also do you think I should go ahead with another imagination? Your opinions are indeed valued!

Monday 14 April 2008

In the Library

The Duchess has time to check through the contents of the library. She stumbles upon an old manuscript untouched for centuries. She ponders on its contents and her thoughts turn the events she has witnessed, those she has known and loved. A knock comes to the door - the Duc de Padirac enters and asks if he may have a word with her. He says the matter is of a delicate nature and pertains to matters military.......

Wednesday 9 April 2008

A day in the Duchy

In the Palace today Duchess Liv is having a quiet day. Rumours of her being with child have swept the Duchy. A proclamation today let all in on that which was once a secret. The Duchess, whilst enjoying excellent health, is enjoying catching up with her correspondence in the privy of her apartments.

Meanwhile the paperwork generated by the recent military reforms is being worked upon. Couriers deliver daily updates from the Herrengard regarding the Militia. The changes dig deep into the rhythms of Tradgardlandian society at all levels. In theses early days of Spring things are moving forward for all concerned....

Sunday 6 April 2008

6th April A.D 2008 & 1758

2008-Snow fell over night here in Dunfermline and my youngest two daughters took full advantage of the situation. The large , fluffy flakes fell in profusion and snowmen were made. I return to work tomorrow and trust the weather will be better for the family's holidays this coming week. We have had brilliant sun and spring weather earlier in the week...Whatever next....
1758 - a sudden and unexpected snowstorm hit the Duchy last night causing the woods to look enchanted under the vice-like grip of Winter once more. The Duchy is filled with discussion regarding the changes in the way the the army will function. The issues are hotly debated in inns and homes across the land.The unexpected weather has given a period of inactivity during which debate can flourish. For some it will mean the start of full time soldiering, for others they will be full time upon the land or in their crafts and trades. Wives,families and sweethearts will be affected greatly too. The great and the good debate amidst the hollowing gales and snow...

Saturday 5 April 2008

A proclamation across the Duchy

The Herald opened the door and went out on to external stairs- his eyes filled with brilliant Sunshine upon this glorious Spring day. He sounded the trumpet and then clearing his throat began thus..

My Lords, Ladies Tradgardlanders all! Greetings in the name of the Duke and Duchess co-rulers of the Duchy of Tradgardland!

After a recent meeting of the Inner Council - graced by a full compliment of Herren and other Representatives decisions pertaining to the historic Ducal Army have been taken.

All recent events near and far have been taken into account and given due weight. The past and present have been given their place in deliberations too.

The changes are thus.

Firstly a Ducal regiment with full time position within the Duchy will be established and given due recompense.

Secondly all other foot soldiers will form a Militia in their Herrengard establishments. They will work at their trade and only be called upon in times of emergency apart from the annual Weapons Moot.

Thirdly all cavalry and troops pyrotechnic will have their establishment confirmed ,considered and appointed in due course.

Fourthly no man shall be out of pocket as a result of these aforementioned changes and all will be paid for uniforms and equipment by the Duke- you have his word.

Finally ,people of the Golden Herring , may we work under God and the Duke this year 1758 together under Heaven!

Long live their Ducal Highnesses!

The herald finished with a flourish and went in to the tower for a well deserved mug of ale.

Thursday 3 April 2008


The Herren ( Lords of the 6 Manors which comprise the Duchy of Tradgardland ) met together today to dine together and discuss their concerns for the coming Seasons. Gossip surrounds the banqueting table like flies around a corpse. The talk soars above the laughter and sounds of eating and many toasts. They speak of a rumour that the Duchess is with child and debate wherein the succession will lie.

The meal finished and the cellars emptied of wine, the Herren take a stroll amongst the topiary of Drottigen Manor. Alliances are made , trysts arranged and plans made - all in the brilliant Spring sun amongst the yew.

Tuesday 1 April 2008

A visitor

The Duchess and Alisona have welcomed the Austrian Kappellmeister Joseph Haydn to join them to celebrate his birthday and to play a series of concerts for the court. Coupled with the appearance of the Hoopoe this has indeed been an exciting week for the Duchy.

Haydn was entranced with the knowledge of the Master of the Aivary regarding the musical quality of birdsong. The Duc de Padirac invited the composer to stay a few days with him in order that a march for the Legion may be composed.