Saturday 5 April 2008

A proclamation across the Duchy

The Herald opened the door and went out on to external stairs- his eyes filled with brilliant Sunshine upon this glorious Spring day. He sounded the trumpet and then clearing his throat began thus..

My Lords, Ladies Tradgardlanders all! Greetings in the name of the Duke and Duchess co-rulers of the Duchy of Tradgardland!

After a recent meeting of the Inner Council - graced by a full compliment of Herren and other Representatives decisions pertaining to the historic Ducal Army have been taken.

All recent events near and far have been taken into account and given due weight. The past and present have been given their place in deliberations too.

The changes are thus.

Firstly a Ducal regiment with full time position within the Duchy will be established and given due recompense.

Secondly all other foot soldiers will form a Militia in their Herrengard establishments. They will work at their trade and only be called upon in times of emergency apart from the annual Weapons Moot.

Thirdly all cavalry and troops pyrotechnic will have their establishment confirmed ,considered and appointed in due course.

Fourthly no man shall be out of pocket as a result of these aforementioned changes and all will be paid for uniforms and equipment by the Duke- you have his word.

Finally ,people of the Golden Herring , may we work under God and the Duke this year 1758 together under Heaven!

Long live their Ducal Highnesses!

The herald finished with a flourish and went in to the tower for a well deserved mug of ale.

1 comment:

  1. "All will be paid for uniforms and equipment by the Duke"

    We already had echoes of military reforms in Tradgarland. Will new uniforms be designed and issued? What about the light infantry trained by rangers from Ny Tradgarland?

    Curiosity burns us...