Wednesday 30 April 2008

Celebrations In the Duchy of Tradgardland

The crowds had gathered as the petition was handed in to the Ducal Palace . All had been peaceful and in order- yet the intensity of feeling could not be hidden. In essence the people had quietly , with respect and love for the Duke and his family, made their opposition plain. They just could not get their minds and hearts around the new military organisations and subsequent social change. So ,under the direction and leadership of the Duc de Padirac , the petition had been framed,written and signed by thousands. Then they waited for an answer....

They had to wait for only two days - a proclamation was read across the Duchy saying, that with due care and consideration, the Duke had returned to the status quo with regard to the army. Cheering had broken out which led to scenes of dancing and merriment. The Duchy ( and Duke let it be said ) were overjoyed.

Tomorrow was May Day and Ascension Day too. Mass would be offered for the Duchy as a whole and for the True King over the water in Scotland. Duchess Liv 's chaplain would offer Mass for Von Bergmann -who the whole Ducal family commended to God's safe keeping....


  1. Dear Alan,
    Tell us of the Duke, when you have a moment, if you please. His last known whereabous a few weeks ago was at the Main Island in The Shetlands; port of Lerwick. I recall he made landfall there just before 20 March 1758 to check things out and restore order.
    I have it on good authority that the Gallian Admiral Suthren who briefly sailed in company with the Duke's Squadron made for Brest after landing reinforcements for Charles Edward Stuart in The Firth of Forth. Rather than sail through the North Sea and The Britannian (English) Channel, Suthren went north around the top of Scotland into The Irish Sea and thence unexpectedly into the open waters of The Atlantic and finally into Brest arriving there in mid April.
    Votre Serviteur,

  2. Bill
    I believe that the Duke has returned to the Duchy of Tradgardland and is in the Palace at present....
    He restored order, to great effect ,and returned safely by ship in the last week or so.

  3. The 'new military organisation' looked like a de-militarization of the Duchy (was the army deemed unreliable, after the Shetlands mutiny?).
    Seemingly the current events and rumours emenating from Skogsmork had the Duke to change his mind - not that does'nt love his people, of course, but such incentive may have helped...
    (Cynical) Louys