Thursday, 17 April 2008

out of character...

I am considering a new imagination - an opponent for the Duchy of Tradgardland. I am at the very earliest stage of ideas with regard to this. As the Europa map is very busy these days, I am at a loss to locations. Any ideas would really be helpful...
Also do you think I should go ahead with another imagination? Your opinions are indeed valued!


  1. IF you didn't want to start another Imagination, but wanted to have an opponent for them, you could always stage a punitive expedition of Britannian forces and/or Hannoverian and/or mercenary forces in reaction to Tradgarland's invasion of the Shetlands.

  2. Go for it! You can't have too much imagination :-)
    SC's idea is very good. Or you could go for a civil war... or maybe some breakaway Turks, leftover Huns, Russkies, maybe a rival North Sea or Baltic state (Herring Wars anyone?)...

  3. Tradgardland is at war with Britannia due to your invasion of The Shetland Group. Britannia has an Army in Germania, currently at Minden. That is between Der Alte and Gallia. Alan, also note that the Austrian Netherlands had Austrian uniformed battalions AND there were several of these at the French victory at Hastenbeck in 1757. Thus, Austrians versus Britain/Hanover is doable. Von Begmann and Tradgardland also has some linkage to Bonnie Prince Charlie. Finally the Hessians and Brunswickers were in British pay. Lots of opponents there.

  4. One can never have too many opponents!

  5. A possible opponent to Tradgarland may be some independant Principality -or, for a change, a Mercantile Republic- 'on' Southern Norway? Perhaps refugees from Altberg judging Tradgarlander help hypocritical and sure that Duke Karl Frederick's hand was behind the Imperial strike, revived an age-old inimity. Or (/and) Britannian gold raised an Ally for a direct counter-attack on Tradgarland...
    So close to the Baltic Sea, this opponent can have among its troops some Lithuanian mercenaries - that could moonlight as Togarasians in exile or Poles from Galicia in Imperial service?

    Now, my friend, you also endvisage to play the Austrian-Spanish conflict and the wars of Charles the Bold... You already 'killed', to our dismay, Altberg and Togaras, and news from Ny Tradgarland are now sparse to say the least... Of course I warmly support the idea of a new Imagi-Nation, but wish it a long and vivid future.