Sunday 6 April 2008

6th April A.D 2008 & 1758

2008-Snow fell over night here in Dunfermline and my youngest two daughters took full advantage of the situation. The large , fluffy flakes fell in profusion and snowmen were made. I return to work tomorrow and trust the weather will be better for the family's holidays this coming week. We have had brilliant sun and spring weather earlier in the week...Whatever next....
1758 - a sudden and unexpected snowstorm hit the Duchy last night causing the woods to look enchanted under the vice-like grip of Winter once more. The Duchy is filled with discussion regarding the changes in the way the the army will function. The issues are hotly debated in inns and homes across the land.The unexpected weather has given a period of inactivity during which debate can flourish. For some it will mean the start of full time soldiering, for others they will be full time upon the land or in their crafts and trades. Wives,families and sweethearts will be affected greatly too. The great and the good debate amidst the hollowing gales and snow...


  1. How about that global warming!

  2. Your youngest (at least, I think the one on the right is the youngest) has a brilliant little smile. Does she get that from you or from her mom?

    They're clearly both enjoying themselves quite a bit. It's rare we get snow like that here.