Thursday 29 June 2023

Kontinuing Kibbo Kift kitbashing

 Not had a lot of time to move this forward but done a few things-

I sculpted cloaks with hood flying behind on these running figures. Again early days for green stuff using but I am quite pleased with the animation of the hoods and cloaks.
Been thinking of what shades of green to use and have tried some light and dark shades out on these figures.
                                I looked at Kibbo Kift flags and artwork to see what green was used. 
                               So I think I will use a variety of shades when painting the figures.

Monday 26 June 2023

Kitbashing Kibbo Kift

Today I have spent quite a bit of time enjoyably kit bashing Kibbo Kift Kin using these sprues-

They are Picts and Eighth Atmy. I wanted a mix of figures in shorts and boots , tunics and barefoot  and this was achieved mixing the parts up . I also added cloaks. The Picts came with some plastic cloaks with hoods. These needed to be made more pointy with green stuff. Other cloaks were added entirely out of green stuff-

I am new to using green stuff and am feeling my way with it. The gloves made a huge difference to the process by me remaining itch free. I also made sure to keep my fingers moist with water to avoid sticking.
I am quite pleased with the result today on the whole. I look forward to painting the figures when I get a chance in the coming days.
A  couple of figures wear steel helmets which they have picked up from the battlefield. I don’t particularly like their headgear but used it anyway.

Here are a few of the photos l used to get inspiration from. I hope perhaps to do a figure in a stiff  formal ceremonial tabard as well as a tent or two. We shall see…

Al in all an enjoyable crafty time had with the occasional stuck fingers and dropped figure just to add to the fun!

Anyone for Glastonbury?

 I’ve been enjoying Glastonbury this weekend via the tv. What did you enjoy particularly?

I really liked ( in no particular order) Chvrches, Tom Grenan, Rick Astley and Blossoms performing the Smiths songs, Cat Stevens and Blondie.

Sunday 25 June 2023

New arrivals

 Recent arrivals in the Duchy-

I recently installed a wildlife pond in the garden. Today whilst drinking coffee outside I noticed a movement in the pond. On closer inspection it turned out to be this welcome visitor! I look forward to tadpoles…
A long sought after book became available and it arrived the other day. I have been fascinated by the Kibbo Kift for ages now and am delighted to say this book has lived up to expectations . A fascinating mix of text and terrific photos as well as close ups of surviving textiles, tabards and carvings.
Needless to say I am raising a section of the Kin to serve in my vbcw forces using Pictish and Eight Army sprues plus the odd elf.
Finally I have had a chance to read through this supplement. The rules for Wilderness adventures are most interesting. I particularly like the way bog terrain and ice terrain are handled in the rules not to mention the new creatures featured in the bestiary. I bought into the North Star deal and have a load of figures based on the bestiary to paint up . So loads of splendid creatures await a coat of paint and basing.

Friday 23 June 2023

28mm rucksack

 Does anyone make 28mm backpacks/ rucksacks? 

Honesty of strangers

 Last night the bell went around 22:10. I went to the door and a stranger was standing there with two parcels. He kindly explained that the postman had put them through his letter box and he, the householder, was delivering them to me. 

What the stranger and I had in common was the same house number but in totally different streets with totally different names. I thanked him profusely and was very grateful. This has happened before and I have got other’s mail put through my door  not to mention attempts to barcode mark off parcels and hand them to me. I have had to stop the postman on the way out of the garden and hand the parcel back when I noticed!

This is not an anti postie rant at all. It is just unfortunate and a tad concerning. The situation is not helped b6 constantly changing postmen who hardly get time to know their routes before another comes along. I lament the days of my youth when we had the same postman for years.

Quiet rant over.

Thursday 22 June 2023

Return to the frozen city, nearly

 Around seven years ago I was really enjoying Frostgrave. . I had some really exciting, entertaining and enjoyable games. Here is an example-

Then the interest and enthusiasm dwindled, l can’t recall why now. Moving forward to 2023 l was fascinated to read of the release of Frostgrave 2nd Edition and excited by the forthcoming supplement “ The Wildwoods” which takes the adventure to the surrounding countryside. Whilst enjoying exploring the frozen city l was really excited to read about the outdoors potentially of Frostgrave. The new characters and races etc seem really interesting indeed. Regular readers of this blog know how much I like wargaming set in a wintery context.

So Frostgrave second edition has arrived and the Wildwoods supplement pre ordered and on it’s way. We shall see where this takes me…

Wednesday 21 June 2023


 Having found a surgical glove ( Green stuff makes my skin tingly probably as I have eczema badly at the moment) I proceeded to try some 28mm cloaks and use the spare to plug air gun pellet holes in two 54mm figures.

                                               Jury’s out but we will see how they look painted up…

Inverness , a beautiful city.

 A few random photos of Inverness-


Tuesday 20 June 2023

Above Inverness- the Pictish Fort

 Walked here Sunday afternoon with one of the folk l was visiting. It was a beautiful place.

Sunday 18 June 2023

Friday 16 June 2023

Blue Thursday and the proceeding Friday

 It came out of the blue, bowling a ball I just wasn’t expecting. The ninth of June , last Friday, was the anniversary of when I got engaged. I normally am not affected by it greatly however this year was different. I sensed the black dog coming and gosh wasn’t he a powerful beast. I had to keep up a front and try business as usual, but it was hard. I can’t seem to shake him off.

Yesterday Thursday l was taken out for lunch by my sister in law and her husband . Here is a photo of the beautiful blue sea there-

We met to catch up and for me to collect family photos ( from my late mother in law’s) for our family. I was able to share a bit of how I felt and how it seems to have been one thing after another currently. They were supportive . In turn I offered a listening ear too. The photos lie waiting on the dining room table, now , for me, is not the time to take a deep dive .

I don’t quite know why I am posting this , it seems self indulgent. I guess l feel it might help in some way. I have been trying to lose weight but comfort eating, trying to walk more but my left foot’s collapse seems to hinder this and I have been trying to wrestle the black dog! Any I shall pick myself up, brush myself off and attempt to move on…

Thursday 15 June 2023

Resins to be cheerful…

 This arrived some days ago but I only got round to opening it today as I had been caught up-

Very well packaged indeed, which was most impressive..
And now for the resin scenery from Fogu Models-
The adobe buildings will serve as a village for my ancient Egyptian skirmish games but most importantly combined with the shacks made of corrugated iron , not to mention the barricades, they are the start of a sci fi desert community. I will use the scenery with my Lead Adventure and Colony 87 miniatures for skirmishes and a chance to model some far off planet, a backwater , if you can say that about a desert.
Used primer to seal them and look forward to painting them in the coming weeks. Finally in the box was a note and some freebies. No need but but most kind.

Tuesday 13 June 2023

Another day , another game .

 P and G came round for another game yesterday. We went for another dark age skirmish as we had enjoyed the previous game and also had got used to the rules after some time away from them.

The objective was to hold the hills in the foreground and the marsh with wood in the background. My skirmishers have already occupied two of the hills.
Spearmen and cavalry advancing towards the enemy…
My cavalry on the left are held up by the enemy while my spearmen advance with scouts ahead.
Further view action on the tabletop as my forces continue their advance …
The table after all figures had been put away. The countryside and rolls his see peace at last.

Finally a new addition to the garden which we enjoyed for pre game coffee and mid game lunch. Next scheduled game is a try out of  “ Bonny Blue Flag” ACW rules which were got around a year ago but have never been used .