Saturday 29 September 2018

Somewhere in Hyboria...

The Temple is under attack by invaders from across the border. Hopolites have gathered to defend the sacred precincts aided by local farmers. The eastern invaders under the command of the satrap wish to sack the temple and make off with the sacred vessels whilst losing as few men as possible. Let the dice and “ Developing the Portable Wargame “ decide...

Wednesday 26 September 2018


I mentioned my recent purchase of some Napoleonic figures and Michael asked to see them. So here they are:

They are as they arrived minus the packaging. They will be an excellent opponent for my Swedes and l am sure l will conjure up some back story,possibly commencing with Sir John Moores expedition to aid the Swedish. In my world things went even worse than in reality...

Now all l need do is sit tight and wait for the Napoleonic Portable Wargame coming in a few months.

Tuesday 25 September 2018

An interesting Kickstarter

There is currently an interesting Kickstarter for figures based on medieval marginalia-
I have signed up. Go over and have a look. I have no financial interest in this but merely wish to bring a good idea to the attention of others.

Inspiration comes in many forms 

Two things recently caught my imagination recently and the picture below neatly sums them up-

I accompanied my middle daughter to Cornwall as she began a Masters year of study there. As a boy l went to Torquay on holiday but had never been further west. Although my visit was brief ( photos of the trip are on my phone and l cannot access them currently so you will have to make do with the picture of the bag of leaflets and a book l picked up whist there) l was smitten by the countryside. I feel that at some point l would like to game some actions set in Cornwall,we shall see.

The second inspiration was the local charity shop find ,this book containing Rodney Matthews artwork. As a boy l had the Elric dragon poster taking pride of place in my bedroom and many Lps featuring artwork too. I wonder what wargames figures were produced with a Rodney Matthews vibe to them? Let me know what you think...

Finally l took delivery of a prepainted Napoleonic force to oppose my Swedes when the Portable Napoleonic Wargame is published later this year. I realised that l have neither the skill or energy to tackle Napoleonic figures and so found myself a reasonably priced option. I look forward to seeing them in action soon.

Saturday 22 September 2018

On the workbench Vendel Miniatures 

I read that ,the other day, Vendel Miniatures (recently called Bloody Day) are no longer available. I am saddened to hear that for l felt the figures were full of character and charm. When they were no longer available here in the uk l sent over to America to get some , l wish l had bought more...

Here are two giants with fantastic haircuts , wonderful shoes,patched tunics and business like clubs. They remind of the artwork of Pauline Baynes and the Mythical Earth giants by Minifigs. I am working on wood elves and goblins too. The heavily armoured dwarfs were an ebay bargain which arrived today. They look like they mean business. I do hope one day that Vendel Miniatures will be available once more even if the mounds were getting old. 

Friday 21 September 2018

A "Battle Of Machines" - Longer Version. (1930)

Saw this on Facebook today "Salisbury Plain. A 'Battle of Machines' is the feature of this year's Army manoeuvres - when 'Southland's' army of 150 tanks and 15 armoured cars invade 'Northland' with its 50 tanks, 35 armoured cars and 2,000 cavalry!" Sounds an interesting scenario for a game...

Thursday 13 September 2018

Painting advice please...

I bought these superbly painted figures from their painter Jim Duncan last year-

I quite fancy having a go at painting some opposition for them but have no idea how to replicate such painting. I am therefore looking for some advice/ tips about where to start. For example can you line them with a pen? All help gratefully received.

Monday 10 September 2018

An Marc Sluagh - restoration on a cavalry figure

Restoring a figure to represent the Blue Hussars ( An Marc Sluagh) of Army Green White Orange. Mainly drawn from the artillery they were a ceremonial unit which also appeared at horse shows and gymkhanas. This figure will be a cavalry scout unit for my interwar games.

I am trying to replace the missing horse legs with pins and masking tape covered in super glue. It is an experiment,we shall see how it goes...

Thursday 6 September 2018

Matters of scale and taste 

I ordered this and it arrived today in a lovely blue box-

A thing of joy to behold ,pressing many nostalgia buttons for me. Here it is (1/72) with some 54 figures on my gaming cloth-

I like the look of them together and feel it gives the result l am after , a game aesthetic based on 1930s toy soldiers ,vehicles and home made scenery. I would however be very interested to see what you think.

Tuesday 4 September 2018

New recruits 

These were waiting for me when l got home today:

The top row has two mounted figures with steel helmets for use as interwar cavalry. There’s also the camel mounted one too...

I particularly like the highly animated highland infantry in kilts. Any help with suggestions for identifying the figures very much appreciated.

Sunday 2 September 2018

Restored hollow casts etc a 54mm venture

Yesterday l finished the first lot of Britains etc for my interwar project. I based them very plainly on circular bases as l felt that these non square bases better represented the loose formations of the period.

I maintained the broken weaponry of these figures but will get some new arms for others. I mixed ww1 looking figures with ww2 ones.

The ones nearest the camera are dismounted cavalry. I have some steel helmeted mounted troops coming.

The chap with the binoculars was a broken machine gunner who l added two plastic tubes to his broken hands. The  broken standing firing figure had a thin nail inserted up his leg to help him stand.

The command group in the garden ( Britains hedging and wall from my childhood) stand in front of a house painted last year on the outside of a breakfast biscuit box.  They are watching proceedings carefully before popping indoors for a cuppa.

All in all I am pleased with how this lot have turned out. Next step with the project is to get some replacement heads and arms , await for the new arrivals to mend and to try and bid successfully for Dinky tanks on eBay within a reasonable budget.

Saturday 1 September 2018

Army Manoeuvres (1935)-inspiration for 54mm figure project

Found this footage today. Lots of interesting interwar hardware on show- wee tankettes, carriers even an autogyro! Do have a look. Working on my Britains etc figures today and hope to post some photos this weekend...