Monday 10 September 2018

An Marc Sluagh - restoration on a cavalry figure

Restoring a figure to represent the Blue Hussars ( An Marc Sluagh) of Army Green White Orange. Mainly drawn from the artillery they were a ceremonial unit which also appeared at horse shows and gymkhanas. This figure will be a cavalry scout unit for my interwar games.

I am trying to replace the missing horse legs with pins and masking tape covered in super glue. It is an experiment,we shall see how it goes...


  1. Don't forget that you could employ some vegetation to conceal a supporting strut if the legs themselves do not provide sufficient support.

  2. A most useful reminder ,thanks Jim.

  3. Will be interested how this turns out , I have a couple of horses which need new legs .

  4. I hope it goes well! I have some equine legs awaiting leg surgery myself.

    BTW, 2 of these B grade Hussars were amongst my oldest Britains', At least one of mine will eventually reappear on my tabletop.

    1. I look forward to seeing your hussar grace the tabletop once more...