Tuesday 25 September 2018

An interesting Kickstarter

There is currently an interesting Kickstarter for figures based on medieval marginalia-
I have signed up. Go over and have a look. I have no financial interest in this but merely wish to bring a good idea to the attention of others.


  1. Have you seen 'Burrows and Badgers' http://www.oathswornminiatures.co.uk/p/9327703/burrows-badgers-northymbran-pennies.html ?

  2. I suppose this could be a Badgers and Burrows tie-in? There are a lot of rude things in the margins of medieval MSS, we should be thankful they just chose rabbits!

  3. Amazing figures. But always remember a suitably Biblical phrase for a monk to illustrate: "the warrior rabbit that lives by the sword gets shot by the guinea peeg that doesn't" - if you check out Annie at Bad Squiddo Games animal figures.

  4. Monks did some wonderfully odd drawings in the margins of their manuscripts (and as Michael said, some rather rude drawings, too).

    That's a cool idea to make minis of the war rabbits. I am SO Tempted, but I don't know what I would use them for. :)