Wednesday 31 May 2023

Desert island books

 Someone mentioned one of the books recently discussed here and or the Man of Tin blog as a book to take to a desert island. This put me in mind to ask what five books would you take to a desert island? You are welcome to list them and/or give reasons for your choice too, it is up to you. I’ll have a think also and post mine here in a day or so. I look forward to hearing from you..

Tuesday 30 May 2023

Another one

 Interesting post from Man of Tin today-

As a result l got this off the shelf-

It was illustrated by Niels M Saxtorp. Follow the link below to see a photo of his grave and read about him-

Monday 29 May 2023


 With Mark’s Little Soldiers announcing the forthcoming 1848 range I thought l had better start reading up on the period-

There is much interesting chat on Mark’s Instagram both from Mark himself and also from the comments left there by others. I have started listening to series seven of the Revolutions podcast which I have found most interesting so far. I would recommend it as a way in or reminder of 1848.

As for what my thoughts and plans are it is very early days. I might go for Tradgardland in 1848 or instead  see where my 1930’s MLS countries were in 1848. It depends how much information l can glean from the sources available to me. Tradgardland might be the way to go for a microcosm experience and the other countries for a macrocosm one. 

Anyway in the meantime some music-


Saturday 27 May 2023

Fridays : indoors and out

 Today saw a visit by G and R to play VBCW. R had never played and expressed a desire to try the period out. G kindly volunteered to umpire and I played-

The table and paraphernalia set out before the game.
I took the village people and R took the Swedes. There was less variety with the Swedes in terms of weaponry to keep track of,  ideal for a first game.
It was really a trial game but most enjoyable. Victory to R and thanks to G for umpiring. Great fun, another game soon I hope…
We even managed to have cake and coffee out in the sun at close of play. After my visitors had gone I opened a couple of parcels that arrived today-
The new supplement for The Silver Bayonet, a great read , full of gaming potential…
Some Wiglaf fifteens painted for me by
They have turned out splendidly!
Finally last Friday l dug out a pond( to replace the aluminium formal raised one that ice and frost had destroyed the watertight seams of) and put in a plastic one-

I intend to make it wildlife friendly and it is very much a work in progress. I do so enjoy the sights and sound of water in the garden. I hope to plant round it , add stones to form a platform down to the water and perhaps get more aquatic plants.

Thursday 25 May 2023

In the Alpines once more

 The army of The Confederation has been on manoeuvres in the Alpines Region today-

The mountain artillery is deployed with their pack mules waiting patiently.
Bicyclists deploy amongst the rocky terrain amidst the flora.
Dismounted Confederation cavalry, with machine gun, dig in amongst the rocks.
Confederation infantry from the town of Thun march and counter march.
The pigeon handler , having fixed a message to one of the bird’s legs releases it into the mountain air.
General Rosti and his chaplain Fr Tilsiter survey the scene and converse with passing soldiers.

Wednesday 24 May 2023

Illustration etc

 These popped up on Facebook recently-

I thought the Japanese helmet to be fascinating and at the Met there are other fascinating helmets such as this one-
The illustration below l thought could be used as inspiration for a figure to be converted to a post combat one. Not particularly to my taste but might inspire some figure conversions.

Monday 22 May 2023

Weekend etc

 Currently got the painter in and so will be glad when that finishes hopefully today. On Saturday I caught the bus to Edinburgh and went for a wander. Firstly the Botanics-

The Rock Garden continues to entrance me as it as since childhood.
Below the Glass House/ Palm House undergoing renovation.
Then onto Stockbridge and Inverleith for a wee look at the bookshops etc. 

The premises above used to be “The Toy Tub” a toy shop and model shop combined. This is where I got my first metal figures around fifty years ago. It was run by Mr Alexander. An easy walk from the centre of Edinburgh it became a place I frequented on and off for years. Open trays were brought out and you could handle the figures before you bought. Great shop, happy memories.
The boating pond and some information boards below-

Here is a link to an interesting article on history of model yachts generally-
Sunday saw me at a school service, coffee with a friend and then meeting my eldest and her partner for lunch. They were keen to pick up my hand powered mower for their garden and I also gave them some of Jan’s gardening books for inspiration. 
I have been the Rugby Challenge Cup on tv over the weekend and also the first of this week’s Chelsea coverage. The medieval football rules have been printed ( thanks again Andy) read and hopefully will be put to use soon. I have looked out “One Hour Wargames “ and have been inspired by videos like these-

Saturday 20 May 2023



                      Warm enough to read outdoors this afternoon which was most pleasant indeed. 

Friday 19 May 2023

Manoeuvres in the Alpines Region

 This morning saw Empire troops manoeuvring in the disputed Alpines region . Mountain troops, infantry, machine guns and artillery took part under the watchful eye of General Sachertorte and his staff. The Alpines region lies between The Empire and The Confederation. Both countries claim ownership. The ongoing border dispute is centuries old. It is expected that The Confederation may conduct their own manoeuvres in the coming days ahead…

Thursday 18 May 2023


 My art history course for this week was cancelled. I got the email the day before and was fortunate to be able to arrange to meet a friend for coffee in Edinburgh. Afterwards l decided to have a walk down Leith Walk . Until recently it was full of roadworks, now these have gone.

A view along Leith Walk in its now roadworks free state.
My forebears worked in this shop for many, many years.
Signage outside Leith School of Art which used to be the Church for Norwegian seamen.
A mural on the gable end of a building with surrounding greenery.
Mural just on the side of a building but a quite striking one.
I liked this shop logo very much and thought one could tell a story round it.
The gable end mural in all its glory. My mother’s family lived in Leith and worked there too.
On my walk l saw a woman and her daughter in traditional Norwegian costume. I overheard them tell someone they were off to an event( walking down the Mound and then off to the Gardens) to celebrate Constitution Day. A belated happy Constitution Day to any Norwegians reading this! I know I have at least one.

Wednesday 17 May 2023

Medieval football rules, found, well sort of

 I have tracked down the medieval football rules to “The Hobilar” issues 19 and 21 . It is the journal of the Lance and Longbow Society. Anyone got a copy I could borrow?



Sunday 14 May 2023

Westerhope Wargamers

 Yesterday the Westerhope Wargames Group put on a colourful and spectacular game at Carronade 2023. Many of the  figures had been cast from Prince August Moulds. I5 was a game between Romans and Ancients Britains, that classic combination we all know and love from Airfix days. As ever the group were keen to chat, had an interesting display beside the game and were the friendly, open fellows we have come to expect. A few pictures-

Colourful figures with a wonderfully old school vibe about them all.

More about the group over at their blog-

Saturday 13 May 2023

For Jennifer

 Jennifer asked in the comments sections of a previous post what the books were. Here is a photo of their front covers , or in one case,  the frontispiece as the cover is plain and the dust jacket long gone..

The bottom one was published during WW2 and I got it in a second hand book shop in Stirling in 1986. It has charming black and white drawings throughout. The other two are published by Helion and Osprey.

A question etc

 Had a most enjoyable game over Zoom with Brian C using his “Memories of ‘34” rules and MLS figures.

Secondly a question. I recall rules for medieval football and also ones for renaissance football in Slingshot, Arquebusier or  some Wargames magazine. Does anyone remember these or even better have a copy for me to use? 

Friday 12 May 2023


 My kickstarter arrived today-

The box as it arrived.
Beginning to open and reveal the contents…

The bubble wrap removed and the contents are beginning to be revealed…

Here are some of them. Have you worked out what they are?

Thursday 11 May 2023

Minceheim Mercenaries

 Finished these mercenaries this afternoon-

The figures are Lead Adventure. I love their animation plus the wonderful armour they are equipped with.
I am rather pleased with the result. I must confess to be a sucker for a two handed sword…