Thursday 18 May 2023


 My art history course for this week was cancelled. I got the email the day before and was fortunate to be able to arrange to meet a friend for coffee in Edinburgh. Afterwards l decided to have a walk down Leith Walk . Until recently it was full of roadworks, now these have gone.

A view along Leith Walk in its now roadworks free state.
My forebears worked in this shop for many, many years.
Signage outside Leith School of Art which used to be the Church for Norwegian seamen.
A mural on the gable end of a building with surrounding greenery.
Mural just on the side of a building but a quite striking one.
I liked this shop logo very much and thought one could tell a story round it.
The gable end mural in all its glory. My mother’s family lived in Leith and worked there too.
On my walk l saw a woman and her daughter in traditional Norwegian costume. I overheard them tell someone they were off to an event( walking down the Mound and then off to the Gardens) to celebrate Constitution Day. A belated happy Constitution Day to any Norwegians reading this! I know I have at least one.


  1. Is a similar Constitution day celebrated in the Duchy?
    What a shame you didn’t get photos of the Norwegian Bunad folk costume, which inspired the costumes in Disney’s Frozen films. I was inspired by this Bunad in my Scandi version of the Italian soft fez figures
    There is a similar Norwegian Seaman’s Mission Lutheran Church in Cardiff with connections to Roald Dahl and his family,_Cardiff

  2. Interesting murals. On the Norwegian theme There is at Edinburgh Zoo an honorary Norwegian Army Kings Guard Penguin Nils Olaf which I have yet to see a toy soldier set of yet statues exist

  3. Nice to see some images of Edinburgh . I think I mentioned it in a previous post but a friend of our family ( the kind we used to call Auntie even though they weren't related to us!) lived at 31 Gayfield Square, at the city end of Leith Walk, so it's an area I have a passing knowledge of, albeit I haven't been there for twenty years or more.....

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