Saturday, 27 May 2023

Fridays : indoors and out

 Today saw a visit by G and R to play VBCW. R had never played and expressed a desire to try the period out. G kindly volunteered to umpire and I played-

The table and paraphernalia set out before the game.
I took the village people and R took the Swedes. There was less variety with the Swedes in terms of weaponry to keep track of,  ideal for a first game.
It was really a trial game but most enjoyable. Victory to R and thanks to G for umpiring. Great fun, another game soon I hope…
We even managed to have cake and coffee out in the sun at close of play. After my visitors had gone I opened a couple of parcels that arrived today-
The new supplement for The Silver Bayonet, a great read , full of gaming potential…
Some Wiglaf fifteens painted for me by
They have turned out splendidly!
Finally last Friday l dug out a pond( to replace the aluminium formal raised one that ice and frost had destroyed the watertight seams of) and put in a plastic one-

I intend to make it wildlife friendly and it is very much a work in progress. I do so enjoy the sights and sound of water in the garden. I hope to plant round it , add stones to form a platform down to the water and perhaps get more aquatic plants.


  1. What rules did you use for VBCW? I'm looking at Xenos Rampant.

    1. The rules are “Went th3 Day Well?” Available here-
      Alan Tradgardland

  2. James Shepherd29 May 2023 at 01:20

    Excellent series of posts! Tip for ponds, place a plastic or rubber ball or container into pond, if it freezes, the water will crush the ball before, it splits the pond liner.