Saturday 28 February 2015

Counterpanian Battle with "Big Wars" rules by Stuart Asquith & Jack Alexander

The Native Counterpanians are making for the bridge near the village of  Leerie. 1
They aim to burn the bridge to disrupt communications in Counterpania.
The Counterpanian Army musters to protect the bridge...
Already a force of Native Couterpanians holds the bridge but the army has deployed artillery
.The stage is set for the Battle of Leerie Bridge...
All figures are Schneider homecasts bought on ebay.The game is set up I will fight it tomorrow.
1 The village of Leerie is famous for it's lamplighter who faithfully lit the gas lamps on the streets on a daily basis for many years.

Suggestions for a primer

Our friend's son is eleven,likes board games, history and reading amongst other things. I would like to get him a primer to help him get into figure wargaming.Any suggestions? I had wondered about the new book by Sue Laflin Barker re DBA 3 but wondered if it would be too heavy/rule specific for the lad. All suggestions most welcome.

Monday 23 February 2015


Today these figures arrived for my Counterpanian games-
More Schneider homecasts as were the lot in yesterday's post. Note the size differences of the figures and relative size in relation to a penny. The largest are really heavy.
Secondly another picture-
A picture of the warchest of the Duchy of Tradgardland- yes it is as empty as it looks!
I have been spending too many Tradgardland thalers of late on lead , paper and  plastic and have resolved to work on the figures/projects in hand rather than purchasing more. I am trying to start this as from now and maintain it strictly- birthdays and other high days  excluded. I am looking forward to the challenge...

Saturday 21 February 2015

New recruits

These chaps arrived today from ebay.I had got them for my Counterpanian gaming but they are too small- see above picture with 1p piece for size. They however will work well for my ancients gaming. They are a tad heavy/thick for normal flats.Any idea what they are?

Weekend etc

My first week in my new school has gone very well indeed.I have been welcomed warmly by staff,children and parents alike.I am delighted that I went there.
This week I have spent part of my leaving gift money as follows-
We played this game with friends over the summer for the first time,really enjoyed it and so I decided to buy a copy myself.
A fascinating story told well  as a graphic novel.
A excellent book which accompanied  a splendid Radio 4 series of programmes (still available on BBC radio iplayer) about Germany.

Finally my middle daughter has opened an Etsy shop called the Spotty Seal to sell handmade decorative items.Do pop over  for a look-

Hobby front update later this weekend...

Sunday 15 February 2015

The road goes ever on...

Friday saw my last day at the school I have worked for  so long.A big day filled with memories of the past and  realising it was indeed time to move on.Earlier in the week Jan helped me take what I had kept from 17 and a half years teaching home in the car-
Sadly,in reality, not piled into an 18th century Spanish chest but into plastic boxes of all shapes and sizes!
Friday was an emotional day with a lovely send off from Pupils and Staff. Many lovely gifts and cards were given to me including the below-

Including some 10cm figures from the Hobbit. I intend to use them (with others needing to be bought)for  Songs of Blades and Heroes in the garden come better weather.However I could not resist this shot taken today-
Perhaps me off to my new school tomorrow?
Or maybe-

Lots to do today and hopefully time to dose/chill too. However,I can't wait for the next chapter to begin tomorrow...

Sunday 8 February 2015


This post will be brief as I am very tired- last three nights in bed by 9pm!
My eldest, Zoe, was 21 last weekend and we all enjoyed a celebration lunch at the Glasshouse restaurant in St Andrews as well as a look around the town.I cannot believe how time has flown and she is that age.
I am entering my last week at the place where I have worked for the past 17 and a half years.It is a time of excitement re the future and sadness leaving a community I know well.I start  my new job a week tomorrow.More anon.
Little progress on the hobby front- lost out on some semi flats on ebay on Friday which I suppose, if I am honest, I did not really,really need but would have liked. I have been doing a little painting/converting on some staff figures for Counterpania and thinking a little about scratchbuilding some semi-round vehicles.No time/energy to game despite my best of intentions.
Last year at school we had two excellent native speakers going round the classes teaching Spanish.I ,a complete novice ,became a learner alongside the pupils. A seed was sown and I have been attending a weekly class for teachers in Spanish ever since the summer  after school. It ( not to mention the excellent teacher and convivial fellow learners) has helped keep me sane this academic year. As a result I have brushed off my interest in Spanish military history.
I have two armies for the 1898 Spanish American War in 15mm having assembled them for a demo game at Claymore of El Caney in the late 1980s.I am going to use them with Bob's "When Empires clash" which I got as an anniversary present. I also purchased Songs of Drums and Tomahawks which I would like to use with fellows like these-
More on this and other matters anon.Thanks for your blogs which continue to provide me with great interest and pleasure- a good way to start the day over coffee before getting the train.Paperwork calls me now... Have a good Sunday!