Monday, 23 February 2015


Today these figures arrived for my Counterpanian games-
More Schneider homecasts as were the lot in yesterday's post. Note the size differences of the figures and relative size in relation to a penny. The largest are really heavy.
Secondly another picture-
A picture of the warchest of the Duchy of Tradgardland- yes it is as empty as it looks!
I have been spending too many Tradgardland thalers of late on lead , paper and  plastic and have resolved to work on the figures/projects in hand rather than purchasing more. I am trying to start this as from now and maintain it strictly- birthdays and other high days  excluded. I am looking forward to the challenge...


  1. Nice figures. I should raise the taxes and oppress the population more to pay for more armies.

  2. Lovely figures. So what's the diameter of one of your pennies?

  3. Those are fine figures. One envies the children of yore, who had such splendid toys and rich imaginative worlds. One pities the texting Xboxing tykes of today, paupers enfants.
    You really watch Gods and Generals again and again?

  4. Tradgardmastare,

    I try to limit my spending to about £50 per month on wargaming stuff. Some times I spend more, some times less. If I can stick to this limit I am still spending a lot less than my friends spend on their hobbies (e.g. The local golf club has annual fees of £1400).

    I like your recent figure acquisitions. They have something intrinsically attractive about them because the evoke memories of the early days of modern wargaming.

    All the best,