Friday 31 August 2007

Ny Tradgardland

Another busy day in Ny Tradgardland ( as it should be properly called ) as fishing boats are launched into the Atlantic surf. The men are tired after militia training yesterday yet rejoice in the sea and its harvest. On Sunday a priest from Louisberg will say Mass and will be accompanied by an officer seeking a word with the Ny Tradgardland Governor afterwards.

Wednesday 29 August 2007

Full Moon over the Duchy

The roads of the Duchy are filled with soldiers on the monthly change-over. Some are returning to the land - their produce ripe and waiting in the Sommer air. Some, heading in the opposite direction , from agriculture to armed service. The night is filled with songs and greetings as the men pass each other upon the roads.

Less conspicuous are a couple making their way down to the docks. Alisona and her beau have finally begun their new life together. The boat waits and New Tradgardland is but a voyage away. She has left a brief note for her father the Duke- he will get it come morning..........

Tuesday 28 August 2007

At the Broken Kobold

Alisona has waited for what feems to her like an eternity.The Kobold is not the beft place to wait in but she is ardent in the anticipation of hif company. However even she will not wait for ever and rises to be off. A scruffy street urchin burfts through the door and thrusts a sealed parchment her way prior to exiting into the murky street .Alisona reads...
I send my apologies but I could not come - beyond my control and ken. Meet me at the full moon on the quay. The ship is " The Tarnished Herring," her Master waits for you. Bring what you need the voyage will be long but we will be together!

Alisona returns to Palace life knowing now that her presence there is finite not infinite- a thing that makes all the difference .

Friday 24 August 2007

A letter

She reads the hastily scribbled note and reads - Meet me after Mass tomorrow morning at the sign of the Koblod , there is a matter of urgency to discuss.

Committing the brief note to memory she resolves to once more keep the tryst.

Thursday 23 August 2007

Cartographical Endeavours...

As part of the ongoing efforts to accurately map Tradgardland , the bondsmen of the Ducal Society are being dispatched across the length and breadth of Tradgarland. Around their waists will be attached a pedometer which is linked by string to their legs hence measuring distances travelled. It is hoped this vital work will be accomplished in a matter of weeks. It has been begun in the hope of better weather at this time of late Sommer.

Wednesday 22 August 2007

Not so Brief Encounter

The old man hurried to the door along the paffage . The small tin bell rang and rang in increasing defperation. Muttering under hif breath the old man eventually arrived at the fhop entrance to see a caped figure muffled in the doorway. Upon opening, the figure fell over the threfhold and into the dimly lit room. Once the cape was off the figure turned out to be a young woman of medium height and build. “My Lady, you are moft welcome to my humble abode,” he mumbled defferentially.For this was no other than the Daughter of the ruling house – Alisona.
Abandoned by the turbulent times which had recently occurred within the Duchy and accepting that she was unlikely to marry through official channels she had sought and found another way. This was the fourth time she had met the young officer within the confines of “ The Broken Koblod” a coffee houfe of minimum style or grace. In fact many faid that it was of no value whatsoever to man nor vermin.
Deep within amidst the almost tangible darkneff sat the object of her affections. He had little to recommend him beyond the casual glance yet his eyes blazed upon sight of her…
All too soon their tryst was at an end. She donned her cloak and left, he likewise, upon hearing the clock strike the quarter.

Monday 20 August 2007

From a broadsheet

At a High Mass , for the souls of those who drowned on the recent voyage to Shetland ,the recently returned Duke spoke of their courage and devotion to duty. He assured the assembled crowds that their widows and orphans would be taken care of in perpetuity. He expressed his fervent hope that the Duchy would see more peaceful times ahead after the tragedies which have beset the Duchy. He referred to the loss of his son, the difficulties surrounding his brother the Voivde and the recent losses at sea. After Mass the Ducal Party dispersed to their duties of the day whilst the crowds wended their weary way homeward.

Friday 17 August 2007

The tradgardland Times

The expedition to discover the natural philosophical nature of the boar is proceeding well. The expedition is enjoying good fellowship,erudite discourse and the occasional glimpse of the animal in question. The sharpshooters have found much to shoot and the collections of skins to be transported home grows by the hour . The natural philosophers have found much in common with their neighbours from Europa and have proposed reciprocal visits at a future date.

Wednesday 15 August 2007

Hark the Herald..

The herald comes out onto the balcony and after a fanfare reads as follows:

God be praised ! News has been received from London that His Grace the Duke has been found safe and well upon the shores of Britannia. He is currently being conveyed to London by carriage where he will pick up a Galley to the Duchy directly! His Britannic Majesty has pardoned the Duke for his Jacobite aberration and has greeted him fraternally. A Mass of thanksgiving will be celebrated this night by order of the Duchess. God save their Tradgardian majesties!

With a final flourish he exits into the steeple for a well-earned excuse to drink his Grace's Health !

Tuesday 14 August 2007

Some Good News

This afternoon,watched by an excited crowd,Mr Lethbridge and his assistants were successful in the salvaging of the steam propulsion vessel. Once upon terra firma it was hauled to a large warehouse currently rented by the Ducal Society. Mr Lethbridge will remain in the Duchy for a while longer.

The Duchess and the Court still await news of the Duke who has not been seen for some time. Today High Mass was offered in the Cathedral for his safe return.

Matters Nautical

After an evening of sumptuous dining the Duchess expresses her thanks, and that of the Duchy , to Mr Lethbridge. He is asked to prepare a plan for the raising of the steam propulsion vessel.
Mr Lethbridge agrees to be accommodated by the Ducal Society for some further days along with his assistants.

Monday 13 August 2007

The Duchess speaks.

Duchess Liv has expressed the sympathy of the Court for those who have been affected by the recent wrecking of the Fleet. She has promised aid to the widows and orphans and has appointed the widow of Captain Anders Berghof ( of the Marine regiment) as their spokesman.
Duchess Liv awaits news of her husband the Duke , whose whereabouts after the storm is not known. Finally she has committed the Ducal Society to the task of raising the steam propulsion vessel, recently lost at sea of Tradgardland.

Saturday 11 August 2007

A Letter from the North Sea..

My dear wife,
If you are reading this I have been successful in my venture. I gave this letter to a charming fellow from the Soweiter League , or some similar country ,who was travelling with us bound for Edinburgh. He was superb company and advised the Prince in some way. He has been let off the ship into a small local boat near the Port of Leith, Edinburgh ,and entrusted with the letter you are reading , and asked to send it on by courier.
The weather has been truly vile. The rumours say the Duke and the Prince have left the fleet for their comfort and safety. I know not the truth of it! For the rest of us , we survive as we can and may! The weather seems to be getting better. The strange and secret ship with us is not coping well with the seas and has had to be towed by one of the galleys. I must go now there is much to be prepared.
All my Love

Wednesday 8 August 2007

Shetland bound....

Finally the fleet has left Smegby bound for the Shetland islands. The weather has not been kind. The marines and volunteers brace themselves for a long and arduous journey.
The Prince remains in his cabin,seeing no one, offering no leadership leaving descions to others. Frantically others exchange council and attempt to be of good cheer but morale is low.

Tuesday 7 August 2007

A letter from Smegby........

My Dear Wife
The weather continues to be rather unseasonal here in Smegby. We are all sheltering where we can . My abode, shared with brother officers, is not too vile but the men are suffering terribly. The Prince is rarely seen but looks tired and concerned and talks in French to his cronies incessantly. We are expecting a visitor soon to share our already overcrowded room here. He comes from across the border and has business in Scotland- I do hope he will be be diverting.
Kiss the children for me and Pray for better weather and my safe return!

The Daily Broadsheet........

This morning , accompanied by a train of pack mules, servants and a smattering of the gamekeeper regiment's finest shot, Von Kunselsau ( director of The Ducal Society - Europa's foremost natural philisopical Society) has left Tradgardstadt.
He told the Broadsheet that he is a mission of utmost importance to the Soweiter League. The Tradgardian Boar has been seen there and it is our duty to find and record it,we are told.Von Kunselsau will be carrying the best wishes of the whole Duchy with him.

Friday 3 August 2007

An eyewitness account of Smegby Village - Friday afternoon...

Amidst scenes of jubilation , alongside the Golden Herring Banner of the Duchy, the Jacobite flag is raised once more. Jacobites and Tradgardian Troops are unified in their acclamation ! The expedition leaders address the gathering thanking them for their efforts ,loyalty and perseverence. Upon the next suitable tide,God willing, they will set sail for the Shetland Islands! Glory awaits for all concerned!

Thursday 2 August 2007

The Sucession of the Dukes of Tradgardland Part 1 - according to Lore and Tradition

1757 Karl Frederick (born 1697)
1727 - to date as above Karl Frederick
1700-1727 Georg (father to Max and Georg)
1684 - 1700 Aenas the deranged
1683 - 1684 " Year of the Three Dukes" -succession struggle
1649 - 1683 Wolfgang
1601- 1649 Augustus ( Duke of the Shetland Islands in absentia also)
1572 -1601 Henry II
1560 - 1572 Henry I
1545 - 1560 Christoph & Alexander ( twins and Co-Dukes)
died in a mysterious fire
1515 - 1545 Wichard
1498 - 1515 Joachim (known as Joachim the Misunderstood)
1477 - 1498 Heinrich
1461- 1477 Otto ( died upon the field of The Battle of Nancy)
1423- 1461 Frederick
1397-1423 Augustine

Wednesday 1 August 2007

Smegby Village Tradgardland- on a Summer's afternoon

Regular readers of this blog may recall that Smegby (pictured right) is a fishing village that contains a Scots community in exile - consisting of reverent Jacobite sympathisers.
Today there is unprecedented activity. Far more boats can be seen in the harbour, supplies are being assembled and men are gathering in the surrounding fields . What is occurring- only time will tell..........