Tuesday, 28 August 2007

At the Broken Kobold

Alisona has waited for what feems to her like an eternity.The Kobold is not the beft place to wait in but she is ardent in the anticipation of hif company. However even she will not wait for ever and rises to be off. A scruffy street urchin burfts through the door and thrusts a sealed parchment her way prior to exiting into the murky street .Alisona reads...
I send my apologies but I could not come - beyond my control and ken. Meet me at the full moon on the quay. The ship is " The Tarnished Herring," her Master waits for you. Bring what you need the voyage will be long but we will be together!

Alisona returns to Palace life knowing now that her presence there is finite not infinite- a thing that makes all the difference .

1 comment:

  1. More and more complications . . . are you sure that the vile King of Stagonia isn't mixed up in all of these machinations?

    -- Jeff