Saturday, 11 August 2007

A Letter from the North Sea..

My dear wife,
If you are reading this I have been successful in my venture. I gave this letter to a charming fellow from the Soweiter League , or some similar country ,who was travelling with us bound for Edinburgh. He was superb company and advised the Prince in some way. He has been let off the ship into a small local boat near the Port of Leith, Edinburgh ,and entrusted with the letter you are reading , and asked to send it on by courier.
The weather has been truly vile. The rumours say the Duke and the Prince have left the fleet for their comfort and safety. I know not the truth of it! For the rest of us , we survive as we can and may! The weather seems to be getting better. The strange and secret ship with us is not coping well with the seas and has had to be towed by one of the galleys. I must go now there is much to be prepared.
All my Love


  1. That's what happens when you *steal* only a part of the original Monte-Cristan drawings and technical data! Our working model in 1/5 scale navigates perfectly on the Grand Bassin of the Recreation Park. Why not merely *buy* them? Bob XII of Byzantium has already proposed an interesting bid. You can also enter our auction of the helix-propelling system, greatly improving the performances of a steamboat, while keeping the broadside intact. Then you can enter the auction for our new short-barreled naval gun, with double cannonball weight/ barrel weight ratio (at the cost od a slight decrease in range). And then you can...

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  3. Boiler fatigue at 1/5 scale turns out to vary along a significantly different criticality curve than working at full scale. Fortunately, the fellow-travelling Dr. von Traun was able to provide suggestions for modifications of the installed Mediterranean-designed condensing boiler using a Tradgardlander pressure cooker which remedied the catastrophic faults with the full-sized rendering of the Mediterranean design.