Friday, 17 August 2007

The tradgardland Times

The expedition to discover the natural philosophical nature of the boar is proceeding well. The expedition is enjoying good fellowship,erudite discourse and the occasional glimpse of the animal in question. The sharpshooters have found much to shoot and the collections of skins to be transported home grows by the hour . The natural philosophers have found much in common with their neighbours from Europa and have proposed reciprocal visits at a future date.


  1. Perhaps one of them will pot Koenig Maurice the Vile's nephew (Georg du Vile), who was (and perhaps still is) jailed in a zoo in the Soweiter League.

    It is said that his appearance is almost indistinguishable from that of the wild boar.

    -- Jeff

  2. Oh, let's not be hasty. Especially since the only ones so far supporting the claim that it isn't a beast, but rather Georg du Vile are the Stagonians and we all know what that means.
    In truth, the nature of the beast in question has yet to be determined.
    Anyway, it's a zoo, not a hunting preserve so we hope there will be no incidents harmful to innocent dumb beasts. :-)

    Le Comte Buffoon and Pfrank Bach in consultation with the expedition from Tradgardland.