Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Not so Brief Encounter

The old man hurried to the door along the paffage . The small tin bell rang and rang in increasing defperation. Muttering under hif breath the old man eventually arrived at the fhop entrance to see a caped figure muffled in the doorway. Upon opening, the figure fell over the threfhold and into the dimly lit room. Once the cape was off the figure turned out to be a young woman of medium height and build. “My Lady, you are moft welcome to my humble abode,” he mumbled defferentially.For this was no other than the Daughter of the ruling house – Alisona.
Abandoned by the turbulent times which had recently occurred within the Duchy and accepting that she was unlikely to marry through official channels she had sought and found another way. This was the fourth time she had met the young officer within the confines of “ The Broken Koblod” a coffee houfe of minimum style or grace. In fact many faid that it was of no value whatsoever to man nor vermin.
Deep within amidst the almost tangible darkneff sat the object of her affections. He had little to recommend him beyond the casual glance yet his eyes blazed upon sight of her…
All too soon their tryst was at an end. She donned her cloak and left, he likewise, upon hearing the clock strike the quarter.

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  1. I do like your use of the letter "f" to suggest the old "long s" that typesetters used to use.

    -- Jeff