Monday 31 July 2023

Hello old friend

 Saw some old friends in the exhibition below-

We counted ourselves to be fortunate to be in Falmouth for this exhibition.

I had a exhibition poster featuring this work for many years and a large art print of the one below up in my  home for many , many years.
Good to see paintings etc l knew and some l didn’t. It was a fascinating exhibition and I was pleased to see  costumes had been made for folk of all ages to try on and a list of activities across the summer.
On Saturday evening we went here for excellent pizzas and a wide range of beers-

The wood fired pizzas were excellent as was the range of beers available.

Sunday 30 July 2023

St Mawes

 Took the ferry to St Mawes. The weather was kind to us but the journey was a tad windy at times.

Back at Falmouth we went here-
where I had a delicious Lamb and Mint pasty. Then off to the art gallery…

Saturday 29 July 2023

National Maritime Museum Falmouth

 Yesterday morning some of us went to this beautifully designed museum whilst others walked along the costal path a bit. Weather ok , it could have been so much worse. Some museum photos-

You can go to the basement of the building a look below the sea. The window also shows the rise and fall of the tides not to mention a chance to come up close to barnacles.
There was an interesting exhibition of the history of tattoos. I was most taken by this German linguist who was the Secretary to the Danish embassy in London. He is painted proudly displaying the tattoo he got on pilgrimage in 1699.

The museum uses the internal space effectively by hanging boats from the ceiling and having ramps and galleries to allow you to see them closely.
There was a beautifully staged exhibition on Pirates where information and aesthetics went side by side, both given their due importance.
I was so pleased to see these original hand coloured , held together by paper fasteners puppets produced for simple animation. Below was part of an extremely interesting film about John Ryan, his art and his techniques.
Below a painting of a rather familiar pirate.

A most enjoyable visit. You buy your ticket and get unlimited access for a year. Recommended.

Friday 28 July 2023


 In Penzance yesterday. Weather better than the previous day. Here are some pictures-

An interesting map on the wall at Truro railway station.
A lovely sailing ship in the dry dock at Penzance.

Art Deco near the Lido.
Morrab independent library founded in 1818
Two faces of Art Deco- the Ritz cinema above having seen far better days and the glorious Lido below.

Sundial on the wall of a church.
Signage from Penzance town centre.
A fascinating building in Egyptian style .
A jolly famous five advertising campaign from GWR
The day was made even better by briefly catching up unexpectedly with a friend in Penzance and ending the day back in Falmouth with a fellow blogger for tea. Great to see both of them. 

Thursday 27 July 2023


 Arrived yesterday, weather rainy but glad to be here.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

A visitor

 I have a number of low pots in the garden specifically for growing Alpines in. Recently l noticed that someone or something had been digging up the plants ( low growing ground cover) in one pot. I was surprised, intrigued and a little annoyed. Yesterday found out who had been at work-

Still not sure why this pot, I certainly have not been burying nuts in it. The others are untouched. Any suggestions?

P.s managed to make up another twelve figures for my French army from an overlooked sprue and bits from other ones. They are armed with bills, halberds or spears. That takes me to a respectable 400 AP. 

Yesterday also saw me trying to clear up after the tree felling. I was using my hedge knife to cut up the branches. I reflected on the fact it was rather bill like and was glad not to have been on the receiving end of such a weapon or have had to use it in battle. Lethal !

Tuesday 25 July 2023

Rules available here

 If you are interested in reading more of  Non combat Tabletop games follow the link below-

In the bottom right hand corner you will find a pdf. So you don’t need to sign in to another page to access the rules after all! Enjoy!

On the painting table…


Monday 24 July 2023

Fishing 28 and other games

 Been playing Fishing 28 recently having got the fish, boat, rocks and big fish ready. Some info-

Note the link to the non combat tabletop gaming discord in the above post.

So basically l am trying to catch five fish without crashing into the rocks or getting sunk by the big fish. I have to beware of drift due to the current too.

The set up at the start of the game. The dice on the edge of the playing area marked the direction the tide is moving. In absence of a suitable board or piece of paper I opted for the hob top, having made sure it was off and cold!
A close up of the fisherman having successfully caught a fish.
Turn two and fish number one is caught. Below the rules-
Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but fun. The discord and other sites are full of interesting creative folk and ideas.

Saturday 22 July 2023

Productive day

 Productive day here in the Duchy. I finished the Army flocking-

 In the garden l cut down a tree that had become far too large for its location-

Later in the year, when it is a good time to plant trees, I intend to plant a replacement. We will have a think about what to choose.
Vexed for St Helens RFC losing today. Having an uncle emanating from that town has led to a life long interest in the club.