Saturday 30 June 2012

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Cleaning Celts Carefully

There is something iconic about ancient brits v romans...
perhaps it is a throw back to those splendid Airfix 20mm chaps ( not to mention the Roman Fort) of my youth. Anyway when in the shed tonight ( and after  a lot of planning on trains  and in the garden) I dug out my celts,washed them in boiling water, disassembled the chariots,disposed of the grim glue of years and sorted them out.
I have had these utterly splendid "Old School" Admin figures ( made by Garrison miniatures)for many years now.I am very partial to their charm,style and simplicity. Time upon time I have begun them,botched them and bagged them up again. With the weekend soon I hope to start on them and finish this time.

Sunday 17 June 2012

Blues and Royals

I briefly watched part of Trooping the Colour yesterday on television and was intrigued by this uniform worn by Princess Anne. I wondered if she was the first to wear such a uniform or wither previous Royal woman had worn similar.It also got me thinking about other female Colonels in Chief of regiments in Great Britain an Europe in the Victorian and Edwardian Era. Can anyone help...

Sunday 10 June 2012

Further nostalgia

Here,for Alfront and anyone else interested,are a couple of the aforementioned bases.Stuck on without ceremony many years ago I had not looked properly at them since goodness knows when. I could not resist posting this picture of the indulgently named Gruber-my command figure...
Here are some more of the landsknechts including the command figure with hand held high at the front.

Saturday 9 June 2012

Nostalgia ...

With better weather here in the Duchy I took a few minutes off from my gardening to set up these splendid 40mm Elastolin landsknechts  bought in Switzerland around 40 years ago. I have a small number of them (around 12) and even more armoured fellows that I used to call  "Swiss" in my games as a boy, and later in skirmish games using Featherstone's rules from his slim but inspiring paperback. The figures still have names and stats stuck on the bottom of the bases from all those years ago...

Tuesday 5 June 2012


My wargs with and without riders.I feel perhaps the riders should have brown flesh rather than green ( GW influence here?) and I am considering doing this. 10mm figures mounted on one pence pieces with a two pence piece for scale.
I am quite pleased with them thus far and hope to work further upon the others later this week. I am thinking about using SBH rules and perhaps experiment with my own.

Jubilee Tuesday in Tradgardland

I trust you are all having a splendid day...
I had a good day at school yesterday with a Jubilee walk and picnic followed by Sports Day in the afternoon. Last night we all enjoyed the Jubilee Concert on television but felt vexed for Prince Philip. A great show with Tom Jones, Kylie and the Madness projections onto Buckingham Palace being among my favorites .Ending in an amazing fireworks display- wow!
Today began with a long lie (for me- around 7.00 am) coffee and painting some figures outside on the bench. I'm working on some 10mm Middle Earth figures- the Fellowship and some wargs and warg riders.I got them ages ago and suddenly had a LOTR filled desire to do them I have never tried to paint 10mm stuff before and found it a delight. The Copplestone figures are a beauty to behold...I will post pics later if I can do them justice. The girls made the bunting and I hope you enjoy the photo of it and a glimpse of more of the Ducal library.My mother-in law came over for lunch  and a pleasant time was had by all. Hopefully a quiet evening ahead and back to work tomorrow. I have enjoyed the coverage of the events -pomp and circumstance ( not to mention a super service from St Paul's Cathedral) as only the British do best. A loud Huzzah for the Queen and have a good day one and all!!!!!

Sunday 3 June 2012


This is my hat decorated for school tomorrow by my eldest daughter.Terrific work Zoe. Watched the Thames pageant this afternoon today -fantastic! Have a great  extended weekend one and all...

The Imperium

Infantry of The Imperium- in 28mm and 54mm,from 1760 and 1913...