Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Tuesday in Tradgardland

I trust you are all having a splendid day...
I had a good day at school yesterday with a Jubilee walk and picnic followed by Sports Day in the afternoon. Last night we all enjoyed the Jubilee Concert on television but felt vexed for Prince Philip. A great show with Tom Jones, Kylie and the Madness projections onto Buckingham Palace being among my favorites .Ending in an amazing fireworks display- wow!
Today began with a long lie (for me- around 7.00 am) coffee and painting some figures outside on the bench. I'm working on some 10mm Middle Earth figures- the Fellowship and some wargs and warg riders.I got them ages ago and suddenly had a LOTR filled desire to do them I have never tried to paint 10mm stuff before and found it a delight. The Copplestone figures are a beauty to behold...I will post pics later if I can do them justice. The girls made the bunting and I hope you enjoy the photo of it and a glimpse of more of the Ducal library.My mother-in law came over for lunch  and a pleasant time was had by all. Hopefully a quiet evening ahead and back to work tomorrow. I have enjoyed the coverage of the events -pomp and circumstance ( not to mention a super service from St Paul's Cathedral) as only the British do best. A loud Huzzah for the Queen and have a good day one and all!!!!!

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