Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The Daily Broadsheet........

This morning , accompanied by a train of pack mules, servants and a smattering of the gamekeeper regiment's finest shot, Von Kunselsau ( director of The Ducal Society - Europa's foremost natural philisopical Society) has left Tradgardstadt.
He told the Broadsheet that he is a mission of utmost importance to the Soweiter League. The Tradgardian Boar has been seen there and it is our duty to find and record it,we are told.Von Kunselsau will be carrying the best wishes of the whole Duchy with him.


  1. We look forward to receiving the expedition. We have been informed that Pfrank Bach, having heard of the threatened invasion by the Stagonians, has cut short his current expedition to collect more live animals in order to offer his services as an expert scout to the League's army, so it seems likely the renowned Herr (Doktor?) von Kunselsau will have not one but two of our most eminent natural pfilosophers to consult with.