Tuesday 22 April 2008

An excerpt.....

From “The Grand Tour of Thomas Wentford Esq., conducted in the year of Our Lord 1751.”
Saturday 14th March: after a hearty breakfast of Herring and Rye Bread accompanied by some inferior ale we caught the mail coach for the Border of the Duchy of Skogsmork.. I noted with alarm that the forest grew wilder and denser. Elk were observed through the trees and I have scarcely seen finer beasts. Our coach driver took delight in pointing out some boar rutting amidst gnarled pines. On finally reaching the Duchy border we were stopped by ruffians who upon further inspection were members of the Duke’s army. Their manner was slovenly in the extreme and furthence of our journey was only accomplished with the help of a coin of small value. This appeared to be a fortune to them and turning around , out the coach window, I observed them fighting over the said coin in the mud.
The next few pages were ripped out and begins again thus;
“ scarcely have I spent a less agreeable night anywhere outside of gaol. The next morning saw us awaken to smells unimaginable and sights plunging the spirit towards the depths like a shot waterfowl ! The capital of the Duchy has little to recommend it although much may be purchased for little outlay….”


  1. Looks like little Otto has a bit of work to do ....

  2. Sounds like a nasty place to visit . . . or live . . . they may well want to get hold of some new real estate.

    -- Jeff