Friday 27 July 2007

Books -what we are reading in Europa

The publishers to the Duchy - Oldenberg,Oldenberg and Browne (established 1592) have noted the following trend in book buying this week. They have compiled a list of the top five books purchased this week in the Duchy as follows-
5. "Travels across Europa by sedan chair " by V.R Slow esq
4. " One hundred ways with salted herring" by the royal Kitchen Staff
3. " New method of Fencing " by Sir William Hope
2. " Expert sword-man's companion" by Donald McBane
1. " Heinrich Dabble and the deathly hellos" by J K Herring
As you can see the eagerly awaited Gothic novel is in at Number 1. with self defence ( in this time of Ducal crisis) at Numbers 2 and 3.
Readers and publishers across Europa are requested to send in their top five books to the publishers for the edification and entertainment of all.

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  1. Some of the popular publications in the Soweiter League at present are (in no particular order):
    The Declaration of Interdependence (with Annotations and Illustrations)
    The Origin of Specie (a discourse on the founding of the ancient Numismatic Empire)
    The Origin of the Pig by le Comte Buffoon
    (as a new country you can see the inhabitants are interested in beginnings)
    Lox of the Draw - Collected Cartoons from Peter Paul Rubenstein,
    and The Hunting of the Snipe by Pfrank Bach