Sunday 15 July 2007

A map - A beginning!

I have been scribbling away for weeks combining ideas with mapping. This is the first coming together of the map for Tradgardland. North is to the right and the European mainland is on the left.
I am looking for a way to convert this to graphics on the computer, to take my scribbling and transfer to a better format.
The most important part however is to get my thoughts together and to get a greater sense of geography in the country. This I feel I have begun to do.


  1. Personally, I really like GameMapr. You can see what I've done using it on the post and there's a link to it in the Supply section on the right side of my blog.

  2. GameMapr would be great for the tabletop preparations.

    I suspect that simply scanning in your map (that you have already drawn) into the computer system then by either snipping out parts of other real world maps or blurring parts of them you could come up with a really neat map all of your own in a program like Photoshop (also useful in working with the uniform bits).

    Ultimately you do not need the detailed map, simply a verbal description and some neat illustrations will also do, since that was how much of the populace knew of their world in the 18th century (since maps were state secrets).

  3. Another source you may want to look into is:

    it is filled with many little applets that may be of some use to you (as I noted your hexagon paper system for your draft map - there are some hex based map systems in this listing).