Wednesday 25 July 2007

A bleeding wound...( a page from a Tradgardland broadsheet)

In small numbers and under the cover of darkness groups of men have been leaving the Duchy. They are answering the call of the Voivde to help the Banat in her hour of need. As a result the Borders of the Duchy are closed to all goings in and out. The Tradgardland Army is mobilised and waiting. So far only a few lower ranking officers have deserted along with ruffians and vagabonds.

Sources close to the Ducal Palace say the Duke and Duchess are distraught but ready to play their part in whatever the days ahead will bring. Duchess Liv likens it to a bleeding wound , draining away the very life-force of her beloved Duchy. She is resolved if necessary to lead her own beloved Marine Regiment to War if required. She says as one accomplished in the Arts she will embrace the Art of War now too!

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