Saturday, 14 July 2007

Out of character.............

I am just back from my hols in a cottage in Yorkshire with the family. I have had goodish weather and seen some very interesting places. I hope to use some of them as inspiration for Tradgardland. My desire is to map the country and I would be grateful if my fellow bloggers could suggest ideas to aid the process.
I intend to also post uniform and background to the tradgardian forces soon. It is good to be back in the 18th century!


  1. Advice? Start simply -- you can always add detail later.

    Thus you could start with general placement of cities and a roads/rivers network, then add general features (mountains, woods, etc.

    Or start with major terrain types, then add cities, roads, etc.

    Don't try to be too detailed.

    -- Jeff

  2. I highly recommend grabbing Issues 3 and 4 of Battlegames magazine (and all the others for that part).

    Henry Hyde has a very nice system for randomly generating terrain types, from which you can work your own map.