Sunday, 22 July 2007

A Glittering Night..........

After the day spent upon the heath engaged in golf and intrigue , Karl Frederick and his court spend the evening at a Grand Gala Occasion.
The guest of honour is Cardinal Henry, Brother of Charles Edward Stuart, true King of Britannia! He mixes easily with the Herrengard,officers ,guild representatives and invited guests.This is a chance to promote the Stuart cause and cement relationships between the Court in Exile and the Duchy.
As the evening draws to a close,Karl Frederick, pledges his support and offers aid in event of another invasion of Britannia. The Scots community remains at the heart of Tradgarian society loyal to the Duke and the Exiled Stuart.
Tomorrow prior to his departure Cardinal Henry will celebrate Mass in the Cathedral along with the Prince bishop of Roskilde who will preach the Homily. The Mass will see the unveiling of a new Mass written by Duchy composer Johann Kogestadt, with the solo sung by a celebrated Italian castrato who will take up his position here in the capital as Court Musician.

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