Sunday 1 October 2023

French finally take the field

 Yesterday saw my 28mm late fifteenth century French Ordonnance army finally take the field. In one incarnation or another l have been working on or planning this army for years. I sold off the first uncompleted version ages ago . This one, mainly consisting of Perry Plastics and Old Glory , kindly given to me by Ronnie is the result of a painting and flocking flurry of activity earlier in the year. So the battle so far-

French heavy cavalry deployed whilst the King of France and his Scots Archers Guard look on.
Franc archers (  French contemporaries said they were only good enough to shoot chickens) support the cream of Ordonnance cavalry,
French Ordonnance gendarmes attack round both sides of the impenetrable water feature and are about to encounter their Burgundian counterparts.
On the right flank French and Burgundian infantry close on each other supported by bombsrds.
The melee swings back and forth, ground given and taken but no decisive blow is delivered…
And that’s where we had to leave it as we ran out of time. Game will be reconvened in probably three weeks. Thanks to P’s permanent Wargames room the game can be kept up. I await part two of the game with mounting excitement…


  1. Excellent stuff, they look great. Shooting chickens should not be under-estimated - 'an army marches on its stomach' 😀

  2. I look forward to part two. Could you also take some shots of the game room [if permitted] - it's always interesting to see fellow gamers set ups

  3. Excellent. Good luck for part 2!

  4. Great looking game and always nice to get a new collection into action!