Sunday, 1 November 2015


I have been moving some projects forward this weekend-
Beginning to sort my pre-painted 40mm figures into units and base them. By the end of Saturday all were based and some bases painted during Strictly.
The figures below ( sorry about the awful photo quality) were at the bottom of the box. They are about 54mm tall (?) and I wonder if anyone recognises the manufacturer?
I will use them as generals as they have a commanding air about them.
Below is the scene  in Tradgardland around midday today-
The Minifigs are painting up well for the portable ecw game. Figures are based on 50mm square  bases. They are based as follows on each base- 3 cavalry or 6 pike or  6 musket  with 5 to denote raw musketeers instead and 4 or 5 for clubmen.The old school figures have a charm that many of the uber detailed ones of today lack. Cricket (England v Pakistan) is on courtesy of BBC radio iplayer and the essential coffee mug ( Emma Bridgewater) is there too. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday whatever you are doing.


  1. Those 40mm figures look impressive , like the idea of the number of figures per base = quality , Tony

  2. Good work and a pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning,

  3. Those busy and productive weekends can be quite useful for getting lots of useful but unglamorous work done. Sadly I don't recognize the large figures but they look splendid.

  4. The officer on the left is from the PA Rosbach range, one of their least coherent stylistically.

    I suspect the other may be a German figure made by...P?... nope, need more tea.

  5. What sort of paints do you use for them? Enamels?

  6. That looks like a busy workbench Alan. Good to see!
    All the best

  7. Nice selection of work in progress