Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Portable Thirty Years War?

On looking at the assembled figures for my ECW portable project I appear to have figures that would serve well in a TYW setting. This would be be a way of  having some of my ECW characters serving abroad in the continental wars prior to the ECW. I wonder what additions/changes (to the Portable ECW rules) I would need to have ? Light cavalry is the first to come to mind. Secondly some way of representing different combat styles in the cavalry particularly charging Swedes and caracoling Imperialists. As ever all suggestions welcomed.


  1. Perhaps the TYW has more going for it with a grearer range of troop types, Tony

  2. My understanding is that in addition to light cavalry, sword and buckler men were far more common in Eastern Europe than in the West (or the ECW). How this would play out in Shot and Pike games is beyond my ken; I'm short on imagination, I guess.

  3. Both sides employed foreign troops - independant companies and mercenaries - german, scots, dutch and english

    one example - Andrew Gray, Catholic and colonel of a "Regiment of Brittanes" in Bohemia. see,
    look at'_War

    another interesting link,