Thursday, 1 October 2015

Newish recruits

I finally got round to basing these chaps-
40mm semi-flats again and already painted. I find I cannot bring myself to paint over another's work and delight in the charming efforts of their previous owner.The toy soldier look appeals greatly to  me in this project in particular and so the spirit of R L Stevenson and H G Wells lives on upon my dining room table or maybe even sittingroom rug.
Underneath the non grenidier figures I found this-
Each figure has a wee piece of paper glued to the underside of the base thus where their regiment was hand written.I have based them with minimum glue to preserve the paper where possible,again out of respect for whoever painted/named the figures.
Finally a request. Does anyone have the following mould?
I wonder if you would be willing to cast me six figures for which I would be more than happy to pay for them plus postage too.


  1. I'm reworking one of my 40mm SYW armies I have the mould - I do a quick check on what I've got spare as well. Will send you an E-Mail

  2. Excellent looking figures - there's something a bit mystic about other peoples painted figures- all that unknown history and games played , Tony

  3. Very nice...always tempted to buy some mid 18c figures.

  4. Fine troops Alan. No need to paint over them. Just enjoy. May they engage in many actions on dining table or carpet... or even on freshly mown lawn when the weather permits next spring.

  5. Meisterzinn and nicely painted. Good decision, I wouldn't repaint those either.