Sunday 25 October 2015

Who are you?

I wonder if you could help me identify these recent acquisitions? I believe them to be Minifigs dragoons. How old are they and what range? I am particularly intrigued by the unpainted chaps with flag/lance with pennon.


  1. They certainly look like MiniFigs , the Dragoons from the ECW range ? - not sure about the unpainted chap , Tony

  2. I agree with A.W., and as for age, their style resembles the Minifigs I bought back in the 1970's.

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

  3. They are Minifigs S Range. The first is described in Airfix Magazine as a Border Horseman. I haven't found this in a listing but assume it is from the Renaissance range. The second figure is an ECW dragoon. I can't tell you if it is the English or Scottish one but my guess would be English

  4. I have a fully illustrated Minifigs Catalogue going back some thirty years - all the 15mm Ranges are Photographed, a good deal of the 25mm Napoleonic Figures are photographed - though, ECW is limited photos of each figure...though I'd say you are right - definitely Minifigs. KEV.

  5. Definitely S Range. I owned plenty of these in the very late 60s. Seem to recall the Border horse were also used at Scots lancers against Montrose - plaids were added.
    I still have some S range some Macedonians and a couple of battereis of British Napoleonic Gunners. Nice enough when painted and bought because they are the same size almost as Airfix, and not as wild and wacky as Hinchcliffe
    Graham, Delhi