Sunday, 22 November 2015

40mm semi flat highlanders- do they exist?

Yesterday at Targe I saw some Jacobite relics and weapons on the Cran Tara stand and also a lovely 28mm battle of Preston game. It got me thinking...
I quite fancy getting some 40mm Jacobite Highlanders ( not to mention lowland regiments)  to oppose my semi flat British infantry and cavalry. Anyone know who makes such figures or moulds? Or perhaps my best bet is Saber and Sash 40mm figures?
Incidentally does anyone make dismounted 40mm British dragoons for Clifton Moor ?


  1. Irregular make a 42mm Jacobite Clansman, just one pose. MAP13 from their Marlburian line.

  2. Yes I've pondered the 42mm Jacobite problem as well - think there is only Irregular that do them in that scale , Tony

  3. Ross MacFarlane converted a set of Highlanders from Meisterzinn 40s; we had them cast and I've got a bunch left after discovering that there wasn't any plaid paint available. Send me an email if that sounds interesting...

    1. I would be glad to take the highlanders if no one else feels like giving them a good home!

      Jay Stribling - Jackson MS