Tuesday, 16 October 2007

BAR in the UK

The same unit from a different angle.

I have been organising my Austrians today . Here they are depicted as organised in 4 ranks.


  1. Lo and Behold . . . a 48-man unit!

    -- Jeff

  2. Hi Tradgarmastare,
    I did not know you own Austrian troops! Nice ones, indeed.
    Then these Austrian rides give me an opportunity to ask you a question about Tradgarland cavalry.
    «The Herrengard "Lord of the Manor" retainers and wealthier Townsfolk provide the Cavalry.» (july 18): does this means we can hope for 6 different Tradgarlander Cavalry units, each with its own uniform ?
    Is the Tradgardian Heavy Cavalry (july 23) extra?
    Best regards,