Saturday, 1 September 2012

Goodbye to all that...

Thursday's Urology check-up leaves me with a dilemma- what hot drinks to consume as the weather turns colder towards winter? Like Jack Aubrey I have loved my coffee and enjoyed the energising nature of many strong cups of the black gold.
Alas it is to be no more.I am to cut out coffee and tea (and fizzy drinks which I rarely consume) due to the caffeine being not good for me.So ideas please gentlemen...

On a  more jolly  front I am under the spell of the BBC's Parade's End .Wonderful costumes and settings and a compelling story- don't miss it!


  1. At least in North America we have lots of non-caffeine teas (admittedly many are herbal), which I like and which also make delightful iced teas . . . so if it is just the caffeine, that might be a solution for you.

    -- Jeff

  2. I have similar problems and only indulge in mainly

    Cranberry Juice
    Non-Alchoholic beers
    Camomile Tea

    Also occasionally other herbal teas including Rooibosch Tea

    -- Allan

  3. Hi Alan,

    You could try Hot Toddies made from some of that Highland Water that is carefully aged for ten or twelve years.

  4. De-caffeinated coffee... ground... or instant if you have to.... :o)

    ...and others...

  5. Some years ago I had to decaffeinate for a while, and drank a coffee substitute sold in the US as "Postum". It is (was?) a roasted grain product...probably similar to ersatz bread crumb coffee mentioned in the Hornblower books, for that Napoleonic naval tie-in.