Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A world aflame

A new term has begun and,as ever, we are treated to new jargon of an educational and annoying nature.My head is aflame with it all.I have a friend who is a Civil Servant.In speaking to him I have  gleaned that his work moves forward with some change but in a general linear way.For us in education everything is reinvented every few years, and,instead of building upon our experience we are cast down to start again as if from scratch.I fear the children suffer.My energy to teach and be creative is diminished by paperwork,jargon, methodologies and priorities which pour forth from our Leaders like propaganda in a 1930's Soviet tractor factory.
Anyway on a happier note the postman had brought a parcel for me today which contained the following-
On first glance before tea they look splendid to the eye and are written in a style which is user friendly and most readable.I purchased them with a view to 1938 VBCW gaming but with a vague thought about 1918 German Revolution and the Scheltrum range for the period. I hope to give them a solo test game at the weekend will let you know how it goes.


  1. Much the same thing for teachers this side of the pond, I'm afraid.

    I hear good things about the rules. Might get them myself one of these days.

  2. Good luck for the forthcoming year. I know what you are going through. I may be retired ... but not by much!

    The book looks great, and covers a period that interests me. My particular favourites are the SCW and the Chaco War ... what I often call the era of the Tintin Wars!

    All the best,


  3. Those snurges, snakes in the grass, and snots who purport to be our 'leaders' are nothing but thieving hired assassins who deserve to be slung into the darkest and filthiest dungeon the land has to offer and left there to rot. Time-serving thieves, the lot of 'em. I once did a spellcheck that took issue with a word I used: 'kleptocrat'. Its suggestion? You won't believe this; it was 'plutocrat'! Out of the mouths of babes, sucklings and spellchecks...

    Please pardon my wee rant. Certain topics really get me going...

  4. Thankfully there are means of escape! The new book looks excellent - look forward to hearing more

    As ever


  5. Well also being a civil service, I can attest to the linear progression of my job and I find it rather comforting and changing goal posts would kill me, so my sympathies.

    Let me know what the book is like, but it is missing my artwork in it, lol