Sunday, 5 August 2012

Claymore etc

First things first :to Michael from Sweden we are using the Brigadier rules from Solway Craft and Miniatures ( well worth getting) and the bicycles are Dixon Miniatures ww2 French Resistance figures.

A splendid day was had yesterday. The Wargames show was great and it was good to talk to faces old and new .I was particuarly taken by the 54mm AWI game and the Frei Korps/Latvian/Estonian 28mm game using Triumph and Tradgedy.Can I also say how welcoming they were to talk to and what an interesting collection of books they had for people to browse through beside the game.
I bought Dan Mersey's "Dux Belorum" rules ( a delight to read and anticipate playing) and Panzerkaupt's new sheet of right wing flags ( a visual triumph they are too) as well as a stile from Warbases.
After this we returned to my regular opponents for lunch and a VBCW game to christen his newly decorated wargames room. Here are some shots of the extremely hotly contested action-
The Grumbly and District Choral Society Militia follow up the road in the lee of Ivor the steam tank...note the Llaniog T.A militia in the background.
Ivor having fired his ammunition moved off the battlefield leaving the Welsh Nationalist infantry coming towards the enemy between the hedgerows.
The final assault upon the Liverpool Free State troops .The game ended soon after with both sides leaving the field to lick their wounds and regroup for another day.A draw was declared.
The day continued with a splendid BBQ and my family coming over to join P&W's for a lovely evening ( punctuated by trips into the house to enjoy the Olympic excitement) which even featured good weather .A lovely day indeed.


  1. Great looking game , am tempted by AVBCW

  2. What a wonderful game you have had there Trad and I personally cant thing of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon, a good game, good friends and a good meal with family and friends.

    I am really pleased that you like the flags and I cant wait to see them on some for your excellence troops.

    Mosstrooper dont get tempted that hope I got addicted, lol.