Thursday 9 August 2012

Painting and update...

Thursday Morning 6.30 a.m
It has been a sunny few days in the Duchy and a pleasure to be able to sit outside. Tuesday was the day the girls got their exam results and I am pleased to say they did well and got what they would have wished. Also on Tuesday my wife's aunt died.It was indeed a day of highs and lows. Yesterday my uncle and his wife ( my late father's brother) came over to look at old family photos from my mother's flat in order to put names to faces and stories to them too.Family tree matters were discussed and a great time was had by all. I went to bed my head spinning with the excitement of it all and thoughts of my ancestors on their farms in Baden-Wurttemburg...

I also had time and energy for painting. I am building up a Royalist opposition for the Liverpool Free State or my Welsh Nationalists. It will be made up of diverse factions (with Panzerkaput's flags for each Company) united in their loyalty ( to a greater or lesser extent) in Edward viii and his cause. I have some pictures to post-
 The above unit consists of estate workers from the estate of the Duke of Brunswick in Germany.The Duke, a cousin of Edward, is out of sympathy with the regime in Germany and has come to support his cousin in the civil war of 1938.They have been given  the flag from another unit to encourage them.Enthusiastic troops with little training counting as Green.
The Brunswick Volunteer Freikorps ( whose flag can be seen above) is made up of veterans from the Great War with ties to the Duke of Brunswick. They are equipped with a variety of uniforms and equipment.They count as Trained and armed with grenades and smgs.
Finally a company from English Mistery. A shadowy organisation of "back to the land" monarchists.I have depicted them in a combination of medieval costumes with modern rifles to symbolically represent their mind set and for a bit of fun too.They are Green but add a plus one in hand to hand combat due to their antique but sharp ironmongery .


  1. A day of mixed fortunes, indeed. Congratulations to your girls for their exam results, and condolences to your wife for her loss.

    The VBCW forces are shaping up nicely. Good, quirky units make it all come alive.

  2. Yes a mixed day and congrats for the girls and I'm sorry to hear about your wife loss.

    On the VBCW front very nice figures and it is nice to see my flags in use.

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