Wednesday 15 August 2012

New term,new flags and Neu idea...

Evening all,as Dixon of Dock Green might have said...apologies for naff joke here.
Back to work now and it has come as a shock to the system! Yes I know I have long hols but...being back has rather exhausted me
Anyway down to hobby business.I have made a couple of flags for a vbcw for Local Defence Volunteers.Here they are-
The one on the left ( Dulce Domum L.D.V) is the volunteer company raised by "Ratty" and his fellow riverbankers including the incumbent of Toad Hall himself. The one on the right (Nimrod L.D.V) is made up of grouse shooters and their ghillies and count as marksmen under the brigadier rules.The Liverpool free State  are coming over for a game tomorrow so my chaps above will have their first outing on the table!
Finally I have an idea for a small skirmish based  tricorne project that is a little different involving another Neu Tradgardland in a very far away place .More news of this when I have taken my idea a little further.


  1. Absolutely first rate! Of course, Wind in the Willows has come under attack for being a thinly disguised tale of class war - with the Badger Brigade being the spearhead of the home owning bourgeoisie. Wot ho!

  2. Oh I say I love the flags and it has a very Jeeves and Wooster look to them, which is prefect